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9 Reasons Why Baths are Better than Showers

For anyone who’s seen Psycho, this should be obvious.

9 Reasons Why Baths are Better than Showers

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Ready your scented soaps, scrubber, and fleet of toy battleships...

June 16 is International Bath Day, and to celebrate, we’re running through the many, many reasons to take a load off in the tub.

Sit back, relax, and make sure you don’t leave the taps running…

1. It’s super relaxing

We’re not sure whether it’s the water or the peace and quiet that comes with it, but there’s something about a nice, long soak that soothes the senses and mellows the mind.

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We all know this to be true, but there’s science if you want it. A study by the University of Freiburg found that taking a hot bath not only relieves stress and muscle tension but might even alleviate symptoms of depression.

2. It can help you sleep

A step beyond simple relaxation, studies have shown that a bath before bedtime increases drowsiness and sleep quality. Just don’t fall asleep in the tub!

3. There’s no shower noise

While we don’t advocate the Julia Roberts wire-in-the-bath strategy, the bathroom is tailor-made for music – unless, that is, all you can hear is the pounding of shower water on porcelain.

We recommend Soap Disco by Maroon 5, Led Zeppelin’s When The Levee Breaks, and Waterfalls by TLC.

4. You can read

It’s not just that you can read – it’s practically the law. Keep a towel at the ready, prop yourself against the edge of the tub, and bestow upon your bathtime another layer of leisure. We’re not sure a power shower would be particularly tolerant of the latest John Grisham.

5. In fact, you can do pretty much anything

The bath-and-book combo is a classic of the genre, but why stop there? Watch a movie, enjoy a roast dinner, or crack open a bottle of red. Just don’t play Candy Crush if you’ve got even a hint of butter fingers.

6. Think of all the extras

Bath bombs, smelling salts, and of course the incalculable majesty of bubble bath – today’s tub is an open invitation to accessorise. We don’t want to meet the person that doesn’t love a rubber duckey.

7. It’s good for your skin

Shower loyalists often peddle the myth that bathing is bad for you, because you’re effectively marinating in your own dirt. Not so: Having a good long soak can help moisturise dry skin, particularly if you use bath oils.

8. Baths can be sociable

Whether bonding with a baby, hitting the jacuzzi with your mates, or enjoying a romantic bubble bath for two, the tub can often handle more than one at a time. Showers are only sociable after a football match.

9. It’s a mainstay of luxury

The whole enterprise is earmarked for indulgence, self-care, and taking time away from the world. Treat yourself.