Are Facial Oils Good For Your Skin? |

Are Oils Good or Bad for Your Skin?

A skincare expert pro clears up the myths surrounding beauty oils.

Oils for your Skin

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If you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin, or even just suffer from the odd blockage, the idea of slathering oil onto your face can be a horrifying thought.

At home, you’ve got a bathroom shelf full of clarifying clay masks and mattifying make-up – why on earth would you want to add something greasy into the mix?

“There has always been scepticism and confusion surrounding the use of facial oils, especially with regard to acne-prone skin,” says Richard Walker, founder of Dr Botanicals.

But, according to Walker, a facial oil won’t exacerbate your acne. In fact, even those prone to spots can benefit from a facial oil – you just need to know which one to choose and how to use it.

Here, the skincare expert talks us through the main misconceptions about oily and acne-prone skin types, and how to find the best oil for you…

Are certain facial oils good for blemish-prone skin?

“Although some facial oils can be problematic for blemish-prone skin, there are some key ingredients that can really be of help.

“The key thing to consider is if the particular oil is light in weight. Oils such as avocado or coconut are quite heavy and should be avoided, due to the film they leave on the skin, which can clog the pores.

“Certain light, natural plant oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, mimicking the natural and positive effects of sebum.

“Oils such as hemp, jojoba and omega are great examples of these, and can also help protect cell membranes and alleviate sensitivity.”

Facial oils

Can oils make oily skin less oily?

“Although this is a controversial question, certain oils can actually help balance the level of oil that our skin naturally produces.

“When natural or organic oils penetrate the skin and mix with sebum (the natural oil that our skin produces), they can help draw out impurities.

“The bigger issue occurs when we try to over-strip oil from the skin. This will only lead to the skin producing more oil, leading to increased breakouts.

“Using a lightweight oil will help to regulate the skin’s oil production and calm the targeted area.”

Can oils help if your skin is dry and blemish-prone?

“Again, this really comes down to the weight of the oil.

“Lightweight oils such as hemp or rose are best, as they can help stabilise dry skin and work to strengthen the skin’s barrier, with soothing benefits for areas with blemishes.”

Are oils the best long-term treatment for blemish-prone skin?

“Although oils may alleviate some common concerns for blemish-prone faces, they are definitely not a long-term solution. The key with blemish-prone skin is maintaining a regular skincare routine.

“I recommend including a cleanser, exfoliator and a hydrating product in your regime as a must, for those who suffer with acne.

“In some cases, however, the advice of a professional dermatologist may be essential for the long-term treatment of acne-prone skin.”

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Can oils cause acne or make it worse?

“Heavy oils can congest the skin and cause breakouts, which will definitely inflame and irritate existing acne conditions.

“Oils such as coconut, olive and wheatgerm should be avoided, as they may block pores and cause increased blemishes.”

How and when should a facial oil be applied?

“A facial oil should always be the last step of your skincare routine. This is because water-based products are unable to penetrate the skin if they are layered over the top of an oil.

“So you must ensure that you have applied all water-based products before a facial oil.

“A lightweight facial oil can be used in the morning and at night for best results.”

Six of the best facial oils for acne-prone skin

Optimum Phyto Sleep Facial Oil

1. Optimum Phyto Sleep Facial Oil

PHB Ethical Beauty Superfood Facial Oil

2. PHB Ethical Beauty Superfood Facial Oil

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

3. Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil

4. Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

5. Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil

6. Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil