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Benefits of an Oxygen Head Spa and Where to Get One in Dubai

Use recreational oxygen to nourish your scalp and locks

by Rebecca Roberts

We women in Dubai are no stranger to sun-damaged locks.

In fact, Dubai's harsh weather, dusty environment, and searing heat wreak havoc on our hair. Thankfully, you'll be pleased to know there is an easy way to nourish your mane in preparation for the cooler months just around the corner.

Located in JLT, Avant Garde salon is a one-stop for haircuts, mani/pedis, make-up... And all things oxygen! Alongside their popular oxygen facials, other treatments like the oxygen head spa are available for their clientele. Jyoti, the therapist behind the treatments, has almost two decades of experience in oxygenating treatments.

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We take a look at the many benefits of having an oxygen head spa treatment in Dubai, and why Avant Garde should be your choice of salon to have it done... Especially since their team are offering an EXCLUSIVE offer to ExpatWoman readers.

What is an Oxygen hair treatment?

The Oxygen Head Spa at Avant Garde uses recreational oxygen therapy for your scalp and promises to breathe new life into tired locks and itchy scalps. A lack of oxygen makes us sluggish and irritable, and the same is said for our hair and skin.

By having an oxygen treatment done, our skin absorbs the oxygen like a sponge and since the popularity of oxygen facials, taking the treatment to our hair is the next must-try.

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The results? Your hair and scalp are both nourished, left feeling silky soft and stronger. Oxygen hair treatment can also be anti-aging, too.

The only downside is that it's not a quick fix to hair loss, but regular treatments at Avant Garde can be hugely beneficial on your hair and scalp long-term.

Step-by-step process of an Oxygen head spa

  • First, an application of botanical mixtures is applied to detoxify the scalp - this is tailored to your needs, like hair loss or dandruff
  • Your hair is then washed and steamed, which deep-cleans your hair strands
  • After a second wash, there's another application of botanical mixture to energise the scalp
  • Oxygen is then applied with a pen-like device, which goes along your scalp in sections

There's a slight tingling sensation, but the whole procedure and treatment should be very smooth. For long-term benefits, it is recommended that you have one of these at Avant Garde once per month.

Where to get an Oxygen head spa in Dubai

Avant Garde Beauty Centre is a full service beauty centre offering long lasting solutions for any hair, skin and nail problems.

The centre is managed by a CIBTAC qualified Esthetician who has a strong passion for all things beauty & health and finds innovative ways of dealing with everyday beauty problems such as hair fall / dry & damaged skin/chemically damaged hair etc.

The Avant Garde team are pioneers of Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening & Oxygen treatments (such as Oxy Facial & Oxy Head Spa) in Dubai and have been successfully treating customers since the past 20 years.

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