Three Spa Treatments That Will Absolutely Relax You |

Three Spa Treatments That Will Absolutely Relax You

If you’re suffering from body pain or are just under a lot of stress, these three spa treatments will have you bouncing back in no time

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16 September 2018

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Relaxing spa treatment

With so many responsibilities nowadays, Dubai residents have definitely witnessed their fair share of stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re a student, an employee or a parent, you have undergone some sort of stress and already have an idea of what it can do to the human body – it can affect your body physically, it can cloud your thoughts and it can give you anxiety at times.

And with more and more people being susceptible to stress at such a young age – it’s important to spread the culture of self-awareness and most importantly self-care.

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Not finding a way to deal with one’s stress can be very detrimental and can have long-term implications. And the coping methods for stress can differ from person to person, however, many opt for a stress-relieving activity.

Whether it is a form of exercising, painting or relaxing, it’s important to find what works best in reducing the amount of stress you may be experiencing.

We’ve found three different methods that are guaranteed to put your body and mind at ease - without the need to dig into your savings.

1. Experience what a traditional Hammam will do to your body

Traditional Hammam treatment

Since you live in the Middle East, it’s only right that you explore the traditional spa culture of the region. A traditional Hammam was the original concept of a spa in the region since the early 20th century.

Not only is it a stress-releasing method to unwind and relax but a traditional Hammam also cleanses your skin and makes it appear smoother with a hint of glow.

With this package, you’ll get to indulge in a 60 minute traditional Hammam technique – after which a full body steam polishing will occur for the next 45 minutes to remove any dead skin. All for the price of AED139!

2. Say goodbye to any body ache and toxins with Pressotherapy

Body Pressotherapy

Stress-inducing body ache can at times be extremely painful and if left untreated can become a chronic pain.

There’s no need to pay a lot of money to tackle some problem areas you may be experiencing or if you’re just looking to be precautious and remove any toxins that are already in your body.

So reduce or prevent body ache for just AED99 with a Pressotherapy session – this modern relaxation therapeutic method helps to speed your body’s healing process.

This newly effective technique ultimately removes toxins, accelerates metabolism, tones the body and reduces any inflammation.

3. Shed stress and weight in no time while overlooking beautiful views of the Palm

Palm spa

With gorgeous views of the palm, this deal is one that you shouldn’t be turning down – for AED299, you’ll not only be staring at the fab waters of the Palm Jumeirah but you’ll also enjoy a weight loss Crycopolysis session.

Through a non-invasive body contouring treatment aimed at combatting fat cells, Crycopolysis will target any problematic areas through a freezing technique – this reduces the fat particles and reshapes the body.

The most common problematic areas for women are the love handles, hips and stomach areas and with this offer, you’ll be able to reduce any fat deposits in those areas.

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