Two Touchups That Will Definitely Up Your Beauty Game |

Two Touchups That Will Definitely Up Your Beauty Game

Every working woman can look her best when she incorporates these two fabulous techniques into her everyday beauty routine

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16 September 2018

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Two fabulous beauty techniques

With hundreds of beauty methods that aim to enhance your features, searching for the ones that will cut your beautifying time in half is just what every busy woman needs.

A working woman in this era doesn’t only need to be successful and she also has to look the part.

But with working more than nine hours a day and juggling a household at the same time, it’s almost a must to adopt an easy beauty routine.

Fixing your hair, applying make-up and choosing an outfit takes up a lot more time out of your schedule than it should and done up in a way to look effortless and chic. However, tying to achieve that au naturale look, is no easy task for women nowadays.

Keeping this in mind, loads of beauty alternatives have been aimed to provide women with semi-permanent natural touches that require little attention during the day.

Micro-blading and extensions have helped women feel beautiful while cutting their prep time in half, but as the techniques gain popularity, so does the price.

But we’ve found the two top beauty techniques that will enhance your beautiful features without costing you a pretty penny.

Get glamorous lips with Microblading at Kontar Beauty Centre

glamorous lips with Microblading

If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with the concept of microblading – the process entails a technique of using semi-permanent makeup to achieve fuller and more defined lips.

Forget touching them up after meals, before meetings or on your way to a hot date because microblading your lips can last for six months at a time.

Achieving crisper and more defined lips for just AED499 will leave you to live hassle-free for the next six months and with more time to spend.

Have fuller lashes with lash extensions at Tao Spa

fuller lashes with lash extensions

Forgetting to remove all of your mascara after a night out or smudging it while you’re at work is probably every woman’s nightmare.

Having a fuller set of eyelashes essentially accentuates your eyes and frames them better for your face but trying to achieve fuller lashes naturally is virtually impossible.

Which is why many women opt for the best alternative; eyelash extensions – each lash is placed one by one on your eyelash line with a special glue to keep them intake for the next couple of weeks.

And for just AED165, you’ll be able to choose from different lengths and thickness to achieve different styles of natural eyes, cat eyes, wider eyes etc.

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