Best No-Shave November Gift Ideas in Dubai and UAE |

Celebrate the End of No-Shave November With a Warm Surprise

Help him celebrate the end of No-Shave November with this elegant, lux, and unexpected gift idea

Celebrate the End of No-Shave November With a Warm Surprise

Show your support for the men in your life even after No-Shave November.

No-Shave November is back to promote men's health awareness all over the globe, and the UAE is no stranger to the cause. For the entire month of November, men of any age are called on to grow out their hair, especially their mustaches, to raise prostate cancer awareness and encourage proactive health assessments.

No-Shave November allows us to spark a conversation about the dire health issues that affect men, making it a good time to show your support to your husband, father, brother, male friend, or colleague for the sake of their health.

Participating in No-Shave November is simple and easy: men must embrace their hair and avoid a trim from November 1st to 30th, and use it as a talking point to start an important conversation about men's health. But what about next month?

If you know a loved one who's participating this year, no doubt they may have quite the mustache when December comes rolling.

Well, we've got the post-No-Shave November gift idea that will definitely make any participant look and feel their best.

Best no shave November gift idea

Gillette Middle East's Heated Razor by GilletteLabs in the UAE is the perfect warm welcome from No-Shave November into the winter months.

When December comes in, treat him to his first shave with the world's first-ever Heated Razor that has the comfort of a hot towel shave with every glide.

What he'll love...

A more comfortable shave

The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs provides instant warmth to the skin with just a push of a button, delivering a more comfortable shave that's similar to a professional hot-towel shave at a barbershop.

Its automatic heat protection is made with four intelligent heat sensors for consistent warmth, protecting his face with the razor's built-in safety features to ensure an even and safe level of heat.

His closest shave yet

With the combination of Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades with FlexDisc technology, the razor will maintain skin contact so it smoothly glides along the contours of his face. It'll be his closest shave yet - perfect for achieving a clear post-No-Shave November appearance.

Modern and elegantly designed

Whether he's a modern techie or a traditional bloke, the Heated Razor combines the best of both worlds: elegantly designed with a sleek handle made of premium-grade aluminum-zinc for the lad who loves an aesthetic, and a convenient wireless magnetic charging dock for the on-the-go man.

He'll only need to put the razor down to charge it, and its rechargeable battery can last up to six shaves!

With these fantastic features, GilletteLab's new Heated Razor will make for an absolute treat this December.

Now available in The Art of Shaving stores across the UAE, and on The Art of Shaving website.

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