The Different Types of Waxing in Dubai You’ll Find |

The Different Types of Waxing in Dubai You’ll Find

New to Dubai and on the hunt for the perfect waxing technique? Here’s our guide to waxing in Dubai

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2 July 2018

Last updated on 1 October 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Different Types of Waxing in Dubai

Living in a sunny climate all year round, it’s no wonder finding a good go-to place for waxing in Dubai is at the top of our must-do list.

Be it armpits, legs or bikini lines; there’s more opportunity to display these areas when we have so many of Dubai’s best pools and beaches at our disposal throughout the year.

There’s no denying that waxing is one of the most effective ways of removing excess or unwanted hair.

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Waxing itself involves depilation, which is the literal removal of your entire hair shaft from below the skin’s surface. Because of this, it is one of the most effective methods of temporary hair removal.

So, when it comes to finding the right place to get hair-free, let our complete guide to waxing in Dubai help you.

Soft waxing in Dubai

A.k.a. strip waxing, this method of hair removal requires a strip to remove hair from the body.

In this method, the thin layer of soft wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, then quickly taken off in the opposite direction.

This method of waxing is available in almost all Dubai salons, and is often the least expensive option for waxing in Dubai; ranging from AED 5 for toes, up to AED 350 for a full body strip wax depending on which Dubai salon you visit.

Soft waxing can be found in different forms; heated soft wax, cold soft wax (more on this, later) and pre-made strips.

Lycon waxing in Dubai

A.k.a. hard waxing or stripless waxing, which is praised as one of the least-painful ways to remove your body hair here in Dubai.

Proven and tested to effectively and safely remove unwanted facial and body hair, Lycon wax is a form of hard waxing that has minimal discomfort throughout the entire treatment.

It’s also celebrity Victoria Beckham’s favourite type of wax; in fact, Lycon uses natural ingredients which help epilate and treat your skin.

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Because of this, it is one of the more pricier versions of waxing hair removal in Dubai; a full body wax can cost AED 600 and above at a reputable Dubai salon, and as little as AED 35 for your lip, nose and chin.

The following places are recommended as some of the best Dubai salons for Lycon waxing: Essa Beauty, Sisters Beauty Lounge, Pastels, Belle Femme, The Cure, Salon Ink, En Vogue and Roots Salon to name a few.

Different Types of Waxing in Dubai

Halawa waxing in Dubai

A.k.a. sugaring in Dubai, is a treatment that is popular in Middle Eastern countries. Sugaring is performed with sugar paste, which is made of all-natural ingredients; sugar, lemon juice and water.

Due to its ingredients, it’s a popular treatment for women with allergies or sensitive skin… And it is a particularly thorough form of hair removal in Dubai.

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Sugaring, or Halawa waxing, works well as the sugar paste is applied against the direction of your hair growth, and then pulled off. While it’s similar to the methods of waxing, it’s considered considerably less painful.

The cost of having a Halawa wax in Dubai or sugaring can vary from as little as AED 45 for your under arms, up to AED 500 for a full body session depending on which Dubai beauty salon you visit.

Cold waxing in Dubai

Perhaps one of the more rare hair removal treatments, cold waxing isn’t a popular choice primarily because of its inefficiency at removing hair if not done properly.

Cold, soft wax is taken directly from the port and applied to your skin. It’s convenient, yes, but as it’s firmer – you risk having a harder time trying to get an even layer. Many also find cold soft wax to be more painful than when heated.

Different Types of Waxing in Dubai

Cirépil waxing in Dubai

This is a non-strip, all purpose wax that is used in few Dubai salons – we’ve seen it only in NStyle and The Nail Spa in Dubai – which uses a special polymer that shrink wraps your hair. This helps for ease of removal, particularly on stubborn hair growths.

Cirépil waxing allows for ease of application, and it’s a disposable, low-temperature wax that is designed with jojoba oil to increase comfort, and decrease pain. Because of it’s low-temperature requirement, it’s ideal for women who have sensitive areas.

You can try Cirépil at any one of The Nail Spa salons in Dubai for as little as AED 10 for fingers, and as high as AED 380 for an all over wax.

Home-service waxing in Dubai

Some Dubai salons, like Tips and Toes and Belle Femme, offer an at home service for their waxing treatments… A perfect choice if you’d prefer to be in the comfort of your own home while having your waxing session.

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Bear in mind however, that many if not all salons will double their in-store prices for their at home services, and some request you pay for taxi fares to and from your home.

Get in touch with your Dubai beauty salon to discuss their prices for home beauty services in Dubai.

DIY at-home waxing in Dubai; where to buy wax in Dubai

We’re very sure that all pharmacies or supermarkets across Dubai sell some form of waxing and DIY hair removal you can purchase and try at home.

Online stores like also sell wax machines and their instruments you need for a DIY wax.

Areas you can have waxed in Dubai salons

If you’re new to Dubai, or new to waxing, you might be unsure of what areas of your body you’re able to have waxed here in the emirate.

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Not to worry, as fortunately all salons do offer all standard waxing sessions you’d find elsewhere; full body, arms, legs, bikini, Brazilian, stomach, chest, back, lip, toes, fingers, under arm and breasts are all on the menu.

Of course, we urge you to double check with your chosen salon if they offer waxing for the area of the body you require to be hair-free. Not all branches of Dubai salons are equipped with the facilities for such treatments.