How To Make Sure Your Go-To Hair Salon Is Squeaky Clean |

How To Make Sure Your Go-To Hair Salon Is Squeaky Clean

There are subtle things to look out for in your hair salon to ensure they are following the UAE’s health and safety codes

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24 October 2018

Last updated on 25 October 2018

When you go to get your hair done, you pay for the service, the experience and cleanliness ofcourse

The Dubai Municipality is always on the lookout for hygiene violators, especially those in the service industry because they can become problematic to the public health of the country.

Which is why there is no room for unhygienic beauty centres in Dubai – whether for females or males, they must all follow health regulations.

Prompting the Dubai Municipality to make 8,737 visits to 3,592 beauty salons since the start of 2019 – in efforts to make ensure the hygienic campaign is curbing health violations.

From the beginning of the year until recently, the municipality issued 5,245 warnings to hair salons all over Dubai.

Salons and beauty centres must make sure they are adhering to the standard hygienic practices and regulations of the municipality – things such as disinfecting the tools, wearing proper uniforms and washing their hands truly make a difference.

And according to the municipality’s health code, here’s what salons have to adhere to:

  • Sterilising all equipment in the salon
  • Providing clean towels for each customer
  • Tweezers, blades to be cleaned with hot water and disinfectant after each use
  • Washing hands after each customer

Here are some questions to ask yourself while at your salon to make sure the hygiene is in tip-top shape

  • 1. Is the salon neat and clean?
  • 2. Did the technician wash/sanitise their hands?
  • 3. Were the tools and equipment washed prior to yours use?
  • 4. Are the towels in the bathrooms clean?
  • 5. Are the products used in good, clean conditions?
  • 6. Were the supplies provided (slippers etc…) used before you?
  • 7. Are there any noticeable insects?

If you see anything other condition than clean and neat at your hair salon, customers are urged to report unhygienic issues on the Dubai’s Municipality toll-free number 800 900