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Halawa Waxing in Dubai: All About Sugaring

On the hunt for the perfect wax for sensitive skin? Try Halawa waxing, a.k.a. sugaring in Dubai

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3 July 2018

Last updated on 1 October 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Halawa Waxing in Dubai

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to remove body hair, but none are as sweet as Halawa waxing.

Halawa waxing in Dubai, also known as ‘sugaring’, is a popular form of hair removal here in Dubai, the UAE and surrounding Middle Eastern countries.

Originating from Egypt, Halawa waxing is a very old, and very famous recipe for wax. It is different from regular waxing techniques used in Dubai as it contains only natural ingredients; sugar, lemon juice and water. Because of this, it’s extremely effective, too!

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Renowned for giving smooth, silky results that last longer than shaving or depilatory creams, sugaring is most definitely worth a try if you have sensitive skin, or as an alternative to other traditional waxing.

Here’s our complete guide to Halawa waxing in Dubai for you to indulge before turning over the sugary side of hair removal.

What is Halawa wax?

Basically, Halawa wax is caramel, right before it reaches the crystallising stage. With it being all natural ingredients, it’s edible, too!

If you’re wondering how sugaring waxing works for hair removal, basically the soft and pliable Halawa wax is stretched onto your chosen area, pressed firmly, then pulled off in one quick movement in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

This step is repeated during sugaring to ensure the skin area is free of all hair – this may take 3 to 4 times.

Because of this, sugaring is often longer than other waxing methods in Dubai.

How long do sugar waxes last?

Halawa waxes give smooth, silky results that should last between two to four weeks depending on how heavy your hair is normally.

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If you have leftover sugar wax, you have a two options; eat it like sweets, or wrap it in Saran wrap and store it for weeks at room temperature. When you’re ready to re-use it, you should gently re-heat it over a low flame for seconds until it softens.

Halawa Waxing in Dubai

How long does your hair have to be to get sugared?

The best hair length for Halawa waxing can be as short as 0.3cm, meaning it can be applied earlier than other waxing methods that require 0.5cm.

Not only that, but any pigment or type of hair can be sugared and it’s complete safe for sensitive skin. Sugaring removes only dead skin, along with unwanted hair and as it needn’t be heated like wax, it will never burn you.

Can you use sugar wax for pubic hair?

Yes, thanks to its natural ways, sugaring is safe for all body areas; including your face, arms and hands, stomach and chest, legs, feet and bikini area!

Is sugaring less painful than waxing?

Of course, when it comes to waxing – the pain threshold we have may differ to yours. As with any form of hair removal, there’s bound to be some slight discomfort. However, Halawa wax is hailed for being the least uncomfortable and painful form of hair removal available in Dubai.

What is the meaning of Halawa?

Fun fact: the word ‘Halawa’ in Arabic means ‘sweetness’ – a very literal name for a sweet form of removing body hair.