Protect Your Hair Naturally in the Sun |

Protect Your Hair Naturally in the Sun

Like your skin, we should all make sure we protect our locks from the sunshine when out and about... Here's how!

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25 July 2016

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Protect Your Hair Naturally in the Sun
You've planned a day by the pool or at the beach; no doubt you've remembered your sunglasses, towel, bathing suit and sunscreen. You're ready to go, right? 

Actually, you're missing something important that you may regret not having later in the day, week, month and years. When planning for a day like this, our hair is often an after-thought. But like skin, hair can be seriously damaged as well in the sun. 

Many of us are guilty of enjoying the sun-kissed look, when our hair is lightened after a day in the sun. But what a lot of us don't realise, is that this naturaly lightening of your strands of hair is in fact damage. 

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If you're keen on protecting your hair while out in the sun then, we've got some easy ways for you to try! After all, by protecting your hair in the sun, you can prolong the health of your hair for years to come. Here's some ideas to help you out...

Moisture, moisture, moisture

Being in the sun and its heat for a prolonged period of time beings to break down your hair's protein - this is called keratin - so to keep these proteins in your hair and prevent damage, you can place leave-in conditioner in your hair. By wearing it you will help to keep damage at a minimum or at bay completely while laid in the sun. Your locks will be nourised and moustrised as a result, too! 

Wear a hat

It's such a simple accessory to don, but one that could really save your hair from sun damage. When you plan to be out and about or lounging for long periods of time, a hat can be such a simple solution to combat the sun. Especially wide-brim hats that provide full coverage of protection and will look amazing with your outfit. 

Wear an updo, or wrap it up

Like a hat, wearing a headwrap or placing your hair in an updo style such as a bun can help to prevent sun damage to your waves. There's lots of styles out there that you can try to keep yourself looking beach and pool ready through summer, Remember, the ends of your hair are the oldest and weakest part, and so by keeping them wrapped up, you'll help extend their life and nourishment while in the heat. 

Apply UV protection

As you would with your skin, the best way to protect your locks is by creating a barrier between the sun and your hair. Many shop-bought sunscreens can also be used for your hair... Simply mix a small amount with water and keep the solution in a spray bottle to keep handy when you require a top up! 

Wear a swimming cap

If you're heading for a pool, why not wear a swimming cap that will be sure to protect your hair from the chlorinated water you're swimming in. If a cap isn't an option for you, remember NOT to shampoo your hair before jumping in - shampooing removes protective oils and will make your hair vulnerable to chemicals in the water. Once you're out, take a quick shower and apply a shampoo that contains ethylene tetra-acetic acid - it will help to remove the harmful effects of chlorine. 

Remember to drink water

While you may be focusing on external protection for your hair, don't forget to drink enough water. Your hair - and skin - will benefit immensely from the amount of water and extra fluids you're consuming. Plus, include as many fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can!