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What Your Nail Polish Colour Says About You

Let’s face it, we all have that one specific nail colour that we adore.

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12 April 2016

Last updated on 1 October 2019
What Your Nail Polish Colour Says About You
Albeit sometimes we opt for a new nail colour, which we can often perceive as daring, but in the end, it’s safe to say that each girl has her go-to nail colour that will always be her safe colour that never goes out of style.
Are you a bold black? Or a soft, romantic pink? Although we may not realize it, our preferred nail polish colour says a lot about our character and is reflective of our personality.
What Your Nail Polish Colour Says About You


This classic colour conveys a strength, boldness and confidence.

This classic diva enjoys daring adventures and doesn’t mind the attention. Show off your sass and wear red nails you’re trying to make a statement.


Yellow is linked with warmth and the sun.

With a bright colour like yellow, you’ve got to be a fun and bubbly person! If yellow is your safe colour, you enjoy being different than the rest of the crowd, but you enjoy the things that life has to offer and are generally a happy, spontaneous extrovert!


Opposite of red, green nail polish can represent safety and comfort.

If your preferred colour is green, you exude a calm and soothing persona, thus, people feel safe coming to you and seeking your advice. Green is a powerful colour and is an ideal choice for women who are not afraid to take risks.


This tropical colour is warm and cheerful.

If orange is your go-to colour, you are likely a social butterfly and loves to be in the company of others. Women who enjoy wearing orange can often be described as creative, generous and fun.

Blue nails and meaning


Blue is not for the weak hearted.

In fact, a blue nail polish colour exudes excitement, risk, adventure and adrenaline. Although blue nail polish can show a sign of reliability, this tranquil colour gives a fun and youthful impression or a person who is open to trying new experiences.

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Overall, pink is a soft and passionate colour. If you mostly opt for pink nails, you are sensitive and caring.

While the pale pink conveys someone who is quiet, youthful and well groomed, the darker shade, hot pink, claims to be sexy, flirtatious and bold. This bright eye-grabbing colour associates with confidence and style.


A colour of innocence and purity, white nail polish exudes a blank canvas that is open to the imagination. With an openness to new beginnings and endless possibilities.


A peaceful colour, purple conveys the peace and spirituality of the person wearing this nail polish colour.

Additionally, this colour shows an artistic and independent person who is not afraid to stand away from the crowd. Soft shades of purple emphasize grace and femininity, while stronger shades of purple emphasize the traits of a confident, daring and bold.

Black nails and meaning


This powerful dark colour can be intimidating for others, but it does not mean that people who wear black nail polish are evil or gothic.

In fact, women who wear black nail polish are known to be trendsetters and going against the cultural norm, by showcasing the darker side of their personality.


Neon colours are fun and vibrant.

Women who wear neon nails are hip, energetic, talkative and always up for a good time! Being the life of the party, women in neon have no trouble talking to strangers meanwhile dancing the night away.


The nude nail polish colour gives off the impression that a lady wearing such a colour is often pretty and proper without being high maintenance. She enjoys relaxation on the beach or by the pool and is glamorous in her own right.


Women who prefer grey nail polish are well-versed, highly intelligent, cultured and have a cool sense of fashion. Although they are on the brainy side, they still enjoy a night of fun and enjoy the company of their friends and family.

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French Manicure

Showcasing a conservative yet glamorous side, women who prefer French manicure don’t like following the trend and are comfortable and confident in their image and personality.

French manicure and what it means


This high-end nail polish colour is for fashion forward women who know how to dress themselves and accessorize with the latest and greatest of brands!


Metallic nail polish is made for the super woman who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and still has time to take care of herself, and keep her nail polish fresh as ever.

This super lady is bold, brave, daring and has superb time management skills!

Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are pretty, and if you like wearing nail wraps, chances are you like to follow the trend and are up to date with the fashion world. You are fun and energetic and enjoy getting attention.


Being the busy body that they are, clear nail polish owners don’t have time for chipped nail colours and colour experimentation.

They are happy and comfortable with their nails being the way that they are. Hey, being ‘au naturel’ can be one of the most attractive things about a woman!



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