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Why Spa Parties Are The Best Thing Ever

We've found the best thing for you and your girls to enjoy together...Spa parties! And here's where you can organise one in Dubai.

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23 January 2017

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Why Spa Parties Are The Best Thing Ever

While the concept isn't a new one, we feel it's extremely important to bring light once again to the amazingness that are spa parties. We're sure that after this, you'll be arranging one with your girls in no time. 

The best part? There are salons and spas that offer these services on our doorstep right here in Dubai! 

They're a (healthier) alternative to a night out 

You see, girly get togethers needn't be restricted to your favourite restaurant or bar. They're the perfect alternative to a night out on the town, and instead of providing you all with a sore head the next morning, you'll be leaving feeling 100% refreshed, relaxed and pampered after having a huge catch-up with your favourite ladies while you celebrate someone's special day. 

They're great for all occasions 

Be it a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower or even a VIP party, we're very sure holding your own spa-rty will provide a fantastic time for all as you're all pampered like the princesses that you are! If you're engaged, make sure your Maid of Honour has the contact detail to the nearest spa to you so she can arrange the most perfectly relaxing day for you and your hens. 

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They're the perfect way to catch-up

Have you and your squad not had the chance to properly catch-up in a while? We can all appreciate that often our lifestyles can become pretty hectic while living in Dubai, and so by arranging a day dedicated to only you and your girls will provide the most perfect opportunity for you to be brought up to date on all of the latest gossip in your circle. 

Spa parties in Dubai

They can be customised

A lot of salons offer to personalise your spa-rty for you so it's just right. And with supreme service, a relaxing environment and novelty treatments that your girls will no doubt remember forever, you'll all have a fabulous time. 

Because it's something different!

So often we're led to believe that the spa can only be enjoyable if you're having a spot of 'me' time, but that's not necessarily true. By organising a spa-rty for you and your girls, we're pretty sure you'll be the favourite in the group for a little while as everyone will appreciate the extra bit of pampering and luxury surrounded by their favourite people.