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Why Your Beauty Regime Will Change When Living in Dubai

New to the Emirate? Here's 5 reasons why you'll need to take another look at your cleansing routine to accommodate your new life

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11 April 2017

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Why Your Beauty Regime Will Change When Living in Dubai

We all know that our skin is prone to getting a little dirty throughout the day... Whether it's old skin cells, dirt, dust, make-up and even bacteria, our faces unsurprisingly can get a little clogged.

Sure, this isn't brand new information for many of us; you've probably been cleansing properly for a while now. Arguably one of the most important parts of anyone's basic skincare routine, cleansing gets rid of all of the gross and mucky things that build up on our skin.

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Of course, when moving to and living in Dubai, you'll no doubt find your cleansing routine will need to alter for several reasons.

1. There's so much sand in the air

Ask anyone about it, and they'll agree - there's a nice layer of sand and dust that hovers just over the top of our heads in Dubai. You can see it when viewing areas like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai from a distance. Because of this extra muck in the air, it's no surprise your skin will no doubt fall victim. So if you barely cleansed before, doing so is a MUST now or fall to the perils of clogged pores, blackheads and huge zits.

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2. And there's lots of sand at the beach

One of the many perks of living in the Emirate is the accessibility to the public beaches. Especially when the temperatures aren't too uncomfortable, crowds of people flock to areas like JBR and Kite Beach to soak up the rays, enjoy some beach activities and have a paddle in the warm waters of the ocean. Of course, all of those UV rays, mixed with dirt and sand from the beach AND salt from the water can really play havoc with our skin.

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3. It's gets hot, which means you sweat more

There's nothing worse than beads of sweat accumulating on the surface of your skin when you're literally just on your way into work or to the mall. But if you're prone to perspiring, you're going to have to get used to the idea of it while living in Dubai.

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Wear light, loose clothing to prevent sweat marks under your arms, and make sure you have a lot of make-up blotters to hand to prevent any make-up mishaps! Most importantly, cleanse all of that build up of oils and sweat away regularly to make sure your skin is fresh.

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4. It can get a little smokey in places

Sure, it's a great thing for smokers living here that there's a lot more freedom as to where and when you can light one up in comparison to your home country, but for non-smokers it can be a huge pain. While places serving shisha should have the correct license in order to do so, and many restaurants split areas into smoking/non-smoking, there are still opportunities for you to (accidentally) be caught up in a room full of smoke... Which isn't good for anybody's skincare!

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5. It's easy to become dehydrated

If you're not careful, living in this hotter climate can cause issues with your skin's hydration. Especially if you're not consuming enough water, skin can become dry and more susceptible to collecting dirt and old skin cells. It's one of the lifestyle habits a lot of us don't remember to adapt into our daily routine, and so we're left slightly dehydrated which is evident in our faces. So make sure you're drinking plenty of water every day!

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