New Dubai Projects Expected to Complete in 2020 |

These Are the New Building Projects Expected to Complete in 2020

Dubai is undergoing a rapid output of building projects from now until the much-awaited Expo 2020. Here are the top landmarks and attractions to keep an eye for

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6 November 2019

Last updated on 8 January 2020
These Are the New Building Projects Expected to Complete in 2020

Some incredible new projects will be joining the city skyline by 2020...

On top of Expo 2020, Dubai will be unveiling a series of new, jaw-dropping projects - some of which will be breaking more world records and become another world-first.

We've compiled the best city attractions that are gearing up to launch next year, from a museum designed after a poem to a skyscraper that rotates.

Here are the 7 new attractions and landmarks in Dubai that are set to open in 2020 that we're excited about...

1. Aladdin City

The city is set to open the doors to a whole new world with the mythological-inspired development at Dubai Creek. The project will consist of three glimmering structures (two commercial towers at 24-25 storeys tall and one 33-floor hotel) that will look like golden genie lamps, and we can expect more Aladdin and Sinbad-based influence as work continues.

There will be two underground parking areas with 900 spaces, topped with a green, public park on each roof.

Project senior official Daoud Al Hajri told Arabian Business, "The concept design is there with the whole detailed design being completed in a year’s time."

Aladdin City Dubai

Photo credit: YouTube

2. Cityland Mall

A nature-inspired shopping destination in Dubai that's being carried out by the same developers of tourist-magnets Miracle Garden and the Dubai Butterfly Garden. Cityland Mall will be another "first in the world" from Dubai, as it will be the first botanical shopping mall ever.

The shopping mall will span a massive 1.5 million sqm, with retail and entertainment providers VOX Cinemas and Carrefour already confirmed.

A full-fledged central park will occupy the significant portion of the space, with 25 food and beverage outlets - and some will come with garden terraces.

Cityland Mall Dubai

Credit: Cityland Mall

3. The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe is one of the destinations set on The World Islands - one of Dubai's current ambitious construction projects wherein they create manmade islands akin to Palm Jumeirah, each based on a country.

The European-inspired destination will feature six islands with the classic cobbled streets, architecture, and bustling plaza markets that draws inspiration from places such as Rome and Vienna.

Located 4km off the coast of Dubai or 20 minutes by boat, there will 14 hotels in total across the development.

The Heart of Europe in Dubai

4. Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

Dubai broke world records with the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, and it's getting ready to break its own record with the AED 3.6 billion project named The Tower. Located in Dubai Creek Harbour, it's scheduled to be ready by 2020.

Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

5. Museum of the Future

If you've ever passed Emirates Towers on SZR this past year, you'd have noticed the oval-shaped structure with its exterior designed in Arabic calligraphy. The Museum of the Future will open either in 2019 or 2020, and will be home to an incubation centre to help foster design and innovation of the future.

Museum of the Future Dubai

6. Dynamic Tower

The world's first rotating skyscraper, built with 80 separate rotating floors attached to a central column. The landmark was said to cost over AED 1.2 billion.

Dynamic Tower

7. Deira Islands Night Souk & Boardwalk

The Night Souk & Boardwalk at Deira Islands will feature over 5,000 shopping and dining options, designed as a luxurious take on a traditional Arabian souk. The new beachfront attraction is expected to attract bargain-hunters and business owners from all four corners of the world.

Deira Islands Night Souk & Boardwalk