Downtown Dubai gets cleaned after NYE at the Burj Khalifa |

Downtown Dubai Gets Cleaned After NYE In An Impressive 3 Hours Thanks To Cleaners

A huge thanks to the men and women who contribute to cleaning the UAE every day!

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2 January 2019

Last updated on 2 January 2019
Downtown Dubai

On the biggest day of the year, Dubai decided to make a tribute to the cleaners

Who dedicate their working days to making sure spots around Dubai are spotlessly clean for the public.

And NYE in Dubai was not an exception either.

With a grand display of fireworks and LED light display shows on the Burj Khalifa for NYE in Dubai – thousands of spectators set up spots in and around Downtown Dubai to watch the anticipated countdown.

And while littering is an offence in Dubai, the Downtown area did have some left behind litter – which was picked up and cleaned back to its original state in just three hours thanks to the hard work by Dubai cleaners.

Downtown Dubai by Emaar took to Twitter to show the amazing work these men and women do every single day and thanks them for their efforts for their contribution to the New Year’s celebration.

'Downtown Dubai is shining once again, we'd like to thank our facility management for restoring the place back to its original state in just three hours!' said the Tweet.

Fireworks at Burj Khalifa

Fireworks on the world's tallest building were brought back this year due to popular demand and the whole sight left spectators in the area and those watching from abroad in awe.

The fireworks for 2018 were replaced with an LED show and countdown last year, however, were part of an amazing countdown ceremony this year.

The NYE show on the Burj Khalifa broke a Guinness World Record for the largest LED NYE countdown on a high-rise building.

Here is a recap of what Dubai experienced on NYE.