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20 Holiday Gifts for Cats and Dogs in UAE

The perfect presents for our four-legged family members this Christmas

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23 October 2019

Last updated on 23 October 2019
20 Holiday Gifts for Cats and Dogs in UAE

Looking for the right holiday gift to treat your furry friend? Scroll down...

Talk to anyone who loves their family pet, and you'll hear how lively they become when they include their canine or cat companion in the conversation.

Our pets are part of the family, and even though they won't have a clue on what the holiday season is about and why there's all this fuss about a sparkly tree in the living room, they're still the ones who'll snuggle up with you after a long day at work, wake you up with kisses on a Friday morning for walks, and when we're able to, we take them on fun vacations.

So whether you're a dog person or a cat-lover, we can agree that our four-legged friend is an important part of our life. It's no surprise that we often love to spoil them, and there's no better time than the Christmas holidays to shower them with pet-approved presents.

Chunky cats or small dogs, furry pups or shaved exotics, stoic or excitable - we've compiled your guide to the best Christmas presents for dogs and cats in the UAE for every type of pet.

For dogs

1. Transform your pooch into Santa's little helper elf this year. Made of high-quality polyester that will keep them feeling comfy and soft

2. But if they don't like costumes, these comfortable Christmas and New Year bandanas won't let in the way of a leash.

3. A dual scrubber and shower spray for the dog who hates taking baths

4. When the UAE winter passes, this pet mat padded with a cooling gel is perfect for cooling your furry companion down during walks

5. This ceramic "Bone Appetit" pet food bowl is a cute way for your pup to enjoy a meal

6. Turn snack time into playtime with a a puzzle bowl that will test your pet's brainpower. They'll need to push their treats through the swirling shapes and earn that delicious chow

7. Store all of your pet's holiday goodies in this adorable bone-shaped Christmas stocking.

8. A cute bow tie is just the thing for your dog's formal Christmas dinners, birthdays, and other occasions.

9. Your pooch will woof you for all the squeaky mail sent with this love letter mailbox toy

10. Keep your pup hydrated under the UAE weather with this collapsible dog water bowl.

For cats

11. Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, what a cozy place for your cat to be.

12. You'll know exactly where your cat is lurking with this absolutely precious jingle bell collar.

13. Gift your pet with hours of fun and your hand a break with an automatic rotating laser toy

14. Keep your feline active and occupied with a three-tiered ball track, guaranteed to keep them purring with excitement.

15. Got a cat who loves to scratch your couch, bags, or shoes? This scratcher lounge with toy balls will keep them away for good.

16. Your furry friend will never miss a meal or go hungry with this 6-meal automatic pet feeder that comes with a digital timer, dispenser, and portion control.

17. Your cat will love you meow and purr-ever when they receive a bag of delicious, healthy mackerel-flavoured chow.

18. This Christmas, give your feline a warm and cozy thermal bed that will keep them all curled up and comfortable all winter long.

19. Make this comfy, reversible cat hammock their new favourite place to sleep and take naps in. It'll save you from all the fur in the middle of the night.

20. Mumoo Bear's double cat bowls are super cute and they're elevated, so your cat never has to stoop down to enjoy a meal.

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