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6 Reasons to Visit the 2018 Edition of the Middle Eastern Film and Comic Con

There is so much happening this year, that one day won’t be enough to enjoy everything!

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13 March 2018

Last updated on 13 March 2018
6 Reasons to Visit the 2018 Edition of the Middle Eastern Film and Comic Con

The 2018 edition of the Middle Eastern Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) is almost here and excitement is building as new events, celebrities and game releases are being announced. This year there will be celebrity appearances from some of our favourite series, workshops, limited edition collectibles, cosplayers and so much more!

Here are our top 6 reasons to visit the Middle Eastern Film and Comic Con:

1. Limited Editions & Exclusives

If you have been to a gaming or comic convention before, then you will know about all the figurines, merchandise and collectables that are available there. Of course all of that will be available, but what makes Comic Con special, is that there will be limited editions and collectibles that will only be available at MEFCC!

Whether you just want to add something to that missing shelf in your home, are looking for your favourite anime or game character, want to complete your collection or are shopping for investments, you will be able to find it at MEFCC! Along with that, you will be able to find everything that you need, and didn’t know you need!

2. Cosplayers and Cosplay Contest

Let your alter ego out for a day or go to enjoy all your favourite characters come to life with a large array of cosplayers who will be attending MEFCC. If you are unfamiliar with the cosplaying scene, be prepared to amaze. Cosplayers spend months to get their outfit perfect, often times building most of their gear themselves to make their outfit look as realistic as possible.

You might be surprised to know that the cosplay scene in the UAE is very popular with MEFCC being one of the biggest events in the UAE where cosplayers showcase their best outfits. Walking around you will be able to see most of the cosplayers, but be sure to attend the HUAWEI Cosplay Contest to ensure that you don’t miss any of the contests.

If you are a cosplayer yourself, then you might consider entering the competition yourself. There are 6 categories in which you can compete. First place will receive US$ 3,000. Entries for the HUAWEI Cosplay Contest will close on March 18th, 2018.

3. Meet Some of Your Favourite Film and TV Stars

Snap a selfie with a celeb, get an autograph, or just be able to say that you have met them! This year, you will be able to meet stars from the Netflix original series Stranger Things, Doctor Who, Star Trek and even attend a Karate class with Jason David Frank who plays Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers!

Some lucky ticket buyers will even be able to meet and have lunch with all the celebs attending MEFCC but unfortunately all of these tickets have been sold out. You can however still meet them at the venue and get that autograph you’ve always wanted.

Be sure to catch all the stars in the ‘Meet the Stars’ area.

4. See the Artist at Work

You can discover some of the top professional comic and manga artists at MEFCC. Venture into the Artists Alley to fill up your comic book collection and buy unique artwork. This year you can expect to see Long Vo, Arthur Suydam, Jeffrey Cruz, James C. Mulligan, Otto Schmidt, Marco Failla, Rod Thornton, Tom Cook, Bob Layton, Tsuyoshi Nonaka and many more! Also be sure to look at the schedule for workshops with the artists who will be at Comic Con.

This might just be your opportunity to get that original picture of your favourite characters.

5. Show Your Gaming Skills

Whether you like to play yourself, or prefer to watch the pros compete, you will love the eSports Arena! Show off your skills as you compete with the region’s top eSports players for prizes and bragging rights!

The Middle Eastern Film & Comic Con wouldn’t be the same without the opportunity to enjoy some of our favourite gaming titles across PC, XBOX and PlayStation platforms. Come and try out different games to see what titles you need to add to your wish list. This is most probably where a couple of our team members will be…

6. Workshops with Some of the Industry Legends

As usual there will be fascinating workshops available throughout the three day convention for everyone who is aspiring to get a foot in the door in the industry, or would just like to learn something new.

Enjoy drawing, cosplay, cinematography, publishing and many more workshops this year. Some of the presenters that you can look forward to seeing are: Rami Mahmoud, Tom Cook, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Phil Ortiz, James C Mulligan, Daniel O'flaherty, Arthur Suydam and Livio Ramondell to mention only a few.

A special highlight in this section is Antara - the author and illustrator of the first original Arabic comic book.

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The 2018 Middle Eastern Film and Comic Con will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from April 5th – 7th. Tickets are already available from the MEFCC website and at all Virgin Megastores. Whether you are coming to shop, meet a celebrity, show off your cosplay outfit or gaming skills or simply just want to enjoy the atmosphere and everything that MEFCC has to offer, don’t miss this comic convention!