Adopt a Dog in Dubai this Christmas |

Adopt Pluto the Dog, a Sushi, and a Friendly Shadow

These precious dogs in the UAE are looking for a new family to call home

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31 October 2019

Last updated on 31 October 2019
Adopt Pluto the Dog, a Sushi, and a Friendly Shadow

Expand your family this holiday season by adopting a new furry companion

Picture this: you're lying cozy on your sofa while watching your favourite festive flick, a bowl of snacks on your lap, and an unconditionally-loving dog by your side.

If you have a pup-shaped hole in your life, you might find your new best friend from our list of adoptable canines in Dubai. By adopting a rescued dog in the UAE, not only are you welcoming a new family member, but you're also helping to combat the problem of "designer dogs" in the country - pups who were bred and raised in unsafe environments for the purpose of being sold at a high price.

K9 Friends, Dubai's longest-running non-profit pet rescue centre has nine incredibly friendly four-legged friends waiting for their forever home.


A nervous girl, Atlanta needs someone to give her love and security. She will be three years old soon and would love to spend her birthday in a new home with cuddles from her own family. She loves other dogs and will happily cuddle up with new friends. Vaccinated, neutered and ready to meet her family.

Adopt Atlanta from K9 Friends


This 2-year-old girl has never known a home of her own. She’s sweet, gentle but a little shy and is looking for that perfect sofa with a loving family. Vaccinated, neutered and ready for adoption.

Adopt Pandora from K9 Friends


A Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, Pluto is an active, friendly 18-month boy looking for a new family. He’s a charming boy with lots of character, vaccinated and neutered and looking for a place on your sofa.

Adopt Pluto from K9 Friends


A playful and very sociable young boy, Sam has had some basic training living in a home. He’s 9 months old, vaccinated and neutered and a fast learner who should get to grips with home life very quickly.

Adopt Sam from K9 Friends


A seven-year-old Otterhound mix, Shabby was surrendered to K9 Friends with his friend Sushi as the family was relocating.

He is a lovely, friendly boy who doesn’t like his feet being touched.

He is vaccinated and neutered and looking for an experienced home without young children as he is a large lad.

Adopt Shabby from K9 Friends


A three-year-old retriever mix, Shadow is gentle and friendly. His owners left the country and he was cared for by a kind man who unfortunately didn’t have the space for him.

Vaccinated and neutered, Shadow will make a lovely addition to any family.

Adopt Shadow from K9 Friends


At eight years old, Spike suddenly found himself at the shelter when his owners were in a difficult situation. Having lived with a family for so long, he is good on the lead and well behaved in the house.

This Spitz cross is friendly to everyone, even cats, as he has lived with a cat before. Vaccinated and neutered and looking for his forever home.

Adopt Spike from K9 Friends


A seven-year-old desert mix, Sushi was surrendered with her friend Shabby when their family relocated.

She is a sweet girl who is house trained and used to family life. Vaccinated and neutered and ready for a new home.

Adopt Sushi from K9 Friends


The 4-year-old girl was sadly left behind when her family relocated.

She’s a calm, gentle Labrador mix who is neutered and house trained.

Adopt Wilma from K9 Friends