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10 Reasons Why YOU Should Participate In du Tough Mudder

Only 10 more days to go people!

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27 November 2018

Last updated on 28 November 2018
du Tough Mudder

Time is officially running out for you

To sign up for the muddiest challenge in the UAE, du Tough Mudder 2018 – running from 7-8 December 2018 at Hamdan Sports Complex.

Whether you’ve seen the epic videos, watched your friends and family sign up, or considered doing it yourself – and hesitated – we’ve compiled a list of excuse-busting reasons for you to get off your sofa and get to the event.

With tickets nearly sold out, this is your last chance to sign up for an unforgettable experience, brave mud and other elements while facing your fears – and feel that rush of adrenaline when you complete the course.

du Tough Mudder

1. You don’t have to be an athlete

it’s not a race, it’s a course with next level fun, and no shiny medal reserved for those who finish first – you get a rad t-shirt and headband when you cross the finish line.

So take your time, push yourself, and reward your grit with the satisfaction of completing the course!

2. Kickstart your diet

Less sugar? More Protein? More plants? Whatever it is, now is the time.

All du Tough Mudder ticketholders can avail up to 15% off Fuel-Up meal plans by Kcal, as well as dedicated meal plans.

3. It’s not just mud

Granted that the 80 tonnes of mud is proof of why mud is in the name, the course will also feature 30 tonnes of ice, 28 obstacles, and a whopping 10,000 volts of electricity!

4. Raise your street cred

Tired of being considered a pushover? Watch people take you seriously when you say you’ve destroyed 10km of obstacle-filled insanity.

5. Impress your friends

Or better yet, drag them along.

And you can (finally) use that GoPro you used once and forgot about.

Also, imagine the number of #throwbackthursday posts on Instagram – you won’t be able to stop bragging!

6. Show your ex what they missed out on

Revenge is a dish best served muddy, right? If nothing else, you’ll realise if you can get through du Tough Mudder, you can do better than them.

7. Hang out with friends from work…outside of work

Cubicles are boring - face it, nothing says teamwork like a day of navigating barbed wire.

So sign up for a corporate deal starting at 10% discount!

8. A burger will never taste as good

Step aside, Michelin-starred chefs – nothing beats a meal you’ve earned at the Mudder Village after completing du Tough Mudder.

9. Meet new people

New people are cool. You are cool. Be cool together.

10. It’s fun for the whole family

du Tough Mudder’s got mud, adrenaline, teamwork and is about testing your limits, and little Mudders can take on their 1.5km version of the challenge right alongside you at the du Mini Mudder course!

du Tough Mudder


du Tough Mudder
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du Tough Mudder
du Tough Mudder is a mud and obstacle course designed to test your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. It is a team-oriented challenge with no winners, finisher medals, or clocks to race against.

Hamdan Sports Complex



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