From One Mother to Another, Here's How Resilience Builds Parental Confidence |

From One Mother to Another, Here's How Resilience Builds Parental Confidence

Aptamil Advance Junior celebrates mums efforts and triumphs at the "From One Mother To Another" event, in a mission to empower parental confidence

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19 April 2022

Last updated on 20 April 2022
From One Mother to Another event by Aptamil Advance Junior at TODA Dubai

Mums across the UAE came together at TODA Dubai for a special evening of educational talks, unique experiences, and live art classes.

On March 28, 2022, Danone celebrated all mothers' patience, efforts, and triumphs with an exclusive event, "From One Mother To Another" by Aptamil Advance Junior, at the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai.

The immersive event held educational panel talks, unique experiences with a happiness coach, and a live art class to honor mothers of different backgrounds sharing one common goal: To be the best mothers they can be for their children.

'Resilience' is a key attribute of Aptamil Advance Junior, and the foundation set for the first panel discussion by Education Psychologist Dina Halaseh.

Consultant Clinical Dietician Dr. Wafaa Ayesh then explained how nutrition plays a significant role in raising resilient children. Famous influencers such as Azza Al Mughairy, Maha Al Balushi, and Nouf Nabil took to the stage to share their own experiences on the victories and challenges with fellow UAE-based parents.

The essence of motherhood encompassed the event through multiple learning experiences, with the segment of laughter yoga being a fan-favourite among the audience.

Certified Happiness Coach Anju Shahani invited the audience to join her on stage to learn how effective breathing and laughing exercises uplift your body's mood and endorphins.

She explained how the human body does not differentiate between a fake and a genuine laugh, and in both cases, we get the same health benefits.

With laughter being contagious, mothers were looking at one another and laughing wholeheartedly, learning how a simple laughter meditation provides a fun, meaningful way to tap into the joy that would carry over into other parts of their lives.

From One Mother to Another event by Aptamil Advance Junior at TODA Dubai

Mothers must take care of their own physical and mental health and that of their children, and not enough recognition goes around for their personal efforts.

Event guests actively participated in an art workshop held by TODA (Theatre of Digital Arts) to release their inner artist as calm, live music played in the background.

Mothers don't give themselves the time to reflect and project their own vision for motherhood, and Aptamil Advance Junior has surpassed their mission to bring that to light and share it with other mothers.

From One Mother to Another event by Aptamil Advance Junior at TODA Dubai

We know that mothers love to share their parenting experiences, tips, and insights with other mothers and receive the same from them.

The initiative "From One Mother to Another" brings this to life with intimate confessions soon to roll out on Aptamil Advance Junior social pages (@aptaadvice), making this content available and accessible to all mothers online.

"As Aptamil Advance Junior, we always aim to be the mothers' partner throughout her journey. We truly believe that confidence starting with feeding will help in raising a thriving next generation because it takes confident parents to raise resilient kids." shares Karim Waly, Marketing Director of Danone Specialized Nutrition.

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