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You Don't Want To Miss This All New Broadway Drama in Dubai

Tall Tales Production is bringing one of the most moving plays on Broadway to enthrall Dubai theatre fans - and it won't disappoint

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20 February 2020

Last updated on 23 February 2020
Hard-hitting Broadway Drama "Betrayal" is Coming to Dubai

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Broadway's hard-hitting drama "Betrayal" is coming to Dubai!

An all-new staging of the beloved Broadway performance Betrayal is making its debut open at The Junction in Alserkal Avenue from April 16 - 18, 2020.

Presented by Tall Tales Production, this compelling story charts a seven-year romance, captured in reverse chronological order, critically dissecting the dynamics that exist between husbands, wives, and lifelong friends.

Fans of theatre will be taken on a very curious journey interwoven with wit, drama, love, and deceit, witnessing the marriage between Robert (Ahmar Iqbal) and Emma (Meghana Mundkur) and Emma's affair with Robert's friend Jerry (Asad Raza Khan).

The play, written by Nobel Prize award-winning Harold Pinter, first premiered at London's National Theatre in 1978, followed by its Broadway premiere in 1980. It has since been revived thrice, most recently on Broadway with a class-act cast of Zawe Ashton ("Josephina" in Velvet Buzzsaw), Charlie Cox ("Matt Murdock" in Marvel's Daredevil), and Tom Hiddleston ("Loki" in Marvel's Thor).

Hard-hitting Broadway Drama "Betrayal" is Coming to Dubai

Cast of "Betrayal": Asad Raza Khan (L), Ahmar Iqbal (C), Meghana Mundkur (B-R)

With its poetic precision, rich humor, and an extraordinary emotional force, there’s a reason why this play is regarded as "the greatest, and the most moving, of all Pinter’s plays".

Asad Raza Khan, actor for Jerry and producer of the Dubai show, hailed Pinter's tale as a challenge that was too good to resist.

“It is a very delicate subject and I am glad we are taking this project on. The drama that unfolds scene after scene will leave the audiences in shock externally, and deep dialogue internally," he said.

"With a wonderful cast and crew including experienced stalwarts and young talent, we aim to give the audiences a good night at the theatre with this one."

Meghana Mundkur, who plays the wife Emily, looked back at her first encounter with Betrayal's script as love at first sight: "As an actor, I'm looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone since I've never done a Harold Pinter play before."

Hard-hitting Broadway Drama "Betrayal" is Coming to Dubai

"This play is all about the subtleties and subtext so tapping into that and doing the script justice on stage is going to be an exciting challenge!" she added.

Ahmar Iqbal, playing the role of the husband Robert, is excited for the Broadway drama's debut in Dubai: “First of all, I love the title of the play – Betrayal – what a hook! It sounds deceptively simple, when in fact the production is incredibly engaging and packed with emotion."

Director Sikendar Hemani is also making his full-length directorial debut with Betrayal, aiming to deliver a fantastic adaptation of Betrayal with Tall Tales Production.

Hard-hitting Broadway Drama "Betrayal" is Coming to Dubai

Details for your calendar

See Betrayal's fabulous Dubai cast and crew peel back the story's many layers and present their interpretation to the UAE's growing theatre-loving audience.

  • Where:: The Junction, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Date:: April 16 - 18, 2020
  • Time:: 7:30 PM daily, with special matinee show on April 18 at 3 PM
  • Price: TBD

Book your tickets to Dubai's spin on "Betrayal" - tickets soon to be available at BookMyShow.

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