FIFA World Cup 2022 Yacht and Drink Offers in Dubai |

FIFA World Cup 2022 Yacht and Drink Offers in Dubai

Level up your World Cup 2022 live watch-along experience this November with the best offers in Dubai on drinks and luxury yacht trips

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11 October 2022

Last updated on 12 December 2022
FIFA World Cup 2022 private yacht deals in Dubai

Struck by the Qatar World Cup 2022 fever?

Much like many UAE residents, we can't wait to celebrate the highs and lows of every football match from November 20 to December 18, so we've made a list of the best World Cup deals on drinks, including a unique way to watch the glorious games unfold.

For those looking to catch the World Cup from home, we know just the place to order your watch-along party's drinks and celebratory beverages online, at unbeatable prices.

But if you're on the hunt for the best places to watch the World Cup 2022, we've also found some solid deals on private yacht packages in Dubai, so you can catch all the epic football action onboard the privacy of a luxury yacht with the gang.

Order your drinks online in Dubai for the World Cup

Call all your fellow football fans and celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Dubai.

With multiple dining and drinking spots in Dubai, deciding a place can get tiresome - not to mention overbooked tables for the matches.

Toast to your team's highs and drink to their lows from the comfort of your home. Never miss a game by ordering your favourite beverages from Centaurus International, an online shop best known for their selection of quality beverages and ongoing promotions. Using their click-and collect-service, you can order ahead from Dubai to make sure your favourite brands are in stock and ready for pick-up from their warehouse based in Ras Al Khaimah.

Whether you're hosting a watch party at home or celebrating your team's wins, you can buy all your drinks online.

You can also order through the Android or iOS app.

Where to watch the football World Cup 2022 in Dubai

Getting into all the action for the highly anticipated World Cup 2022 means it's not JUST going to be about football. You want big screens, a unique atmosphere, refreshing drinks, and your own privacy to cheer, holler, and celebrate with your best mates.

Here in Dubai, one of the most unique places to watch the World Cup is amid the sea. Cruise on a private yacht in Dubai and catch all the entertainment of the games on the go.

Explore the Centaurus Charter website for unmissable deals on private Dubai yachts for the World Cup. There's no place better to watch your team with full excitement, inclusive of luxuries onboard and drinks package.

Book your yacht with ease online, with flexible timings, real time availability, and some of the best Dubai yacht discounts ever through Centaurus Charter.

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