Six New Obstacles at du Tough Mudder 2018 |

Check Out the SIX New Obstacles You’ll Face at du Tough Mudder This Year

These brand new obstacles for the 2018 du Tough Mudder will add to the ultimate challenge

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11 September 2018

Last updated on 11 September 2018
New obstacles at du Tough Mudder 2018

Alongside popular obstacles from previous years, like Everest 2.0, Electroshock and Blockness Monster, the 10k course will be introducing six extra challenges this year that will most certainly raise the bar.

These brand new, nail-biting and exciting obstacles will add to the challenge of completing the du Tough Mudder course – taking teamwork to a whole new level, with a lot more mud!

With the addition of these new obstacles, there’ll be a total of 24 tasks to overcome throughout the 10k challenge!

Haven’t got your tickets yet?

To register your place at the 2018 event, head to to secure your tickets. Prices start from AED 360 for the du Tough Mudder course, and AED 55 for du Mini Mudder.

Let’s take a look at each of the new obstacles that you’ll face at the 2018 edition of du Tough Mudder…

The six new obstacles at du Tough Mudder 2018

Get ready to get tough, as these new obstacles will add to the already long list of challenges you'll face throughout the 10k obstacle course challenge. With obstacles like the Pyramid Scheme, Totally Tyresome, Fireman Carry and Berlin Walls returning for 2018, as well as several others, here's the six new ones that will be added to the course.

Giant A-Hole

At over 2 stories high, this is sure to be one of the most impressive obstacles in the course. It is a giant A-shaped cargo net that you and your team will have to scramble up and over it.


Starting with a barbed wire low crawl, this obstacle ups the ante as Mudders shimmy through a culvert pipe and find themselves perched at the end of a 5’ drop into a pool of water below. Falling gracefully isn’t really an option, so hold your nose and try not to lose your costume on the way down.

Kiss of Mud Warfare

Similar to Kiss of Mud, but with a twist – literally! It’s more disorganized, messier and with tricker barbed with. Strap up, you’re going to war.

Devil’s Beard

This obstacle will have you crawling on the ground, pinned down by a giant cargo net. Working your way through this one will require lots of communication, teamwork and a strong will.

Birth Canal Blackout

Push your way through the suspended water barriers, but this obstacle adds in the element of a total blackout!

Walk the Plank

Make your way from the bottom to the top platform, all of which hang over a deep water pit. Once you’re there, all you have to do is drop to the water below, and then swim to the exit.

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