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5 SUPER Fun Zones Happening At The Color Run 2018

So grab a friend and made sure you all participate because this is color party you really shouldn’t miss…

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16 October 2018

Last updated on 16 October 2018
The Color Run

The Color Run is BACK this year with brilliant zones that just sound like so much fun

The largest running series in the world is returning to the UAE this November 10 and if you didn’t already schedule it into your plans – then now’s your chance!

The happiest 5k run that you will ever participate in, wants you to unleash and celebrate your inner Hero – and what better way to do that than with vibrant colours, fun atmospheres and an epic concert with your family and friends.

Since 2012, The Color Run has not only exploded colourfully but globally too – it has become a highly anticipated phenomenon and has put a smile on every participant’s face.

And this year, you can expect BIGGER, BETTER and more COLORFUL dedicated zones to unleash your inner Hero – think lots of fun, colors and poses to feed your Instagram profile for the next year.

What better way to turn a normal day into a super fun day while covered in colours, colours and colours!

So here are the 5 unique zones that you can find in the UAE’s ultimate color run:

5. Color Zone

Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green – basically the whole entire rainbow is coming to The Color Run and this is your chance to join the colour movement.

So get your running gear in check, put on whatever costume you want, grab bags full of colourful powder and be ready to become a colourful highlighter.

Their tagline? Start in while and finish in color….and you’ll even forget that this is actually a 5K run!

4. Foam Zone

If those colours didn’t already put a smile on your face, then how about indulging in a dream that is just foam-tastic.

A huge demand with participants at The Color Run last year, this zone is back to take over the arena as a foam cloud - foam on you, on your friends, in the air and on the ground, be ready for the ultimate foam party.

Dance around, snap pictures and even run through the foam – this zone will bring a somewhat snowy morning to Dubai’s desert.

3. Honor Photo Zone

This zone is there to celebrate you and the hero in you – as the main event’s theme, The Color Run wants to literally dress you up in capes and make you feel as powerful as you can be.

With a whole area dedicated for you to strut around with limited edition Hero capes, you can unleash your superhero and feel nothing but magic.

2. Super Zone

If all of that doesn’t sound like the ultimate fun this November – this zone might just do the trick.

This entire area dedicated towards snapping the perfect Instagrammable picture. You can grab your cape, your colorful clothes, your accessories or your friends and pose for as long as your heart desires.

Run around, jump on the trampoline or just be goofy – however you want your picture to turn out, it’s definite that you’ll have more than enough to make everyone in your feed jealous!

1. Finish Festival

Ahhh, the best for last. The Color Run wouldn’t also be called the ultimate colourful party if it weren’t for the amazing concert towards the end of the race.

As a treat to everyone who completed the 5k run – music, dancing and more colours will be the cherry on top of this much desired ending.

Dance and jump to the tunes of the tracks played by The Color Run’s famous Djs, while you snap memories of this once-in-a-year colourful event – and it’ll surely put a smiling reminder when you reflect back.

How Can I Purchase A Ticket To The Color Run 2018?

Participants can purchase their tickets and register their place easily by visiting the official The Color Run website

The Color Run presented by Daman
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The Color Run
The Color Run presented by Daman returns to the UAE this November. The Happiest 5k on the Planet makes its welcome return as part of this year’s worldwide tour ‘The Color Run Hero Tour’. Get ready to enter a realm where nothing is impossible and you are unstoppable as The Color Run Hero Tour will be flying your way on Saturday 10th November at the Dubai Autodrome.