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Best Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day From Croutique

Say "I love you" this Valentine's Day Dubai with these heartfelt gifts that are literally handmade with love

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11 February 2020

Last updated on 12 February 2020
Best Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day From Croutique

Delightful Valentine's Day gifts that are unique, stylish, cute, or sentimental? Proof that Croutique.com is practically Cupid

Getting the perfect Valentine's Day gift in Dubai is always quite tricky. But when in doubt, the annual holiday is a fantastic time to show just how much you care about them and nothing does that better than handmade gifts.

If you're not ready to go on a crafting spree this year, you can skip the stress of homemade Valentine's Day gifts and rely on the next best thing: Croutique, a.k.a Dubai's Cupid for matching you with a wide variety of handmade Valentine's Day gifts and decor guaranteed to delight your loved ones.

Croutique is the UAE's go-to online shop for creative, cute, funny, quirky, and personalised gifts from home-makers, fashion designers, crafters, boutique owners, artists, and more.

With thousands of items on offer, we've narrowed down some of the best Valentine's Day picks from Croutique that say "I love and appreciate you!"

Handmade jewellery

1. Lovely rings don't always have to break the bank. This personalised ring with a heart is simple and romantic.

2. Gift the gift that will make her sparkle on Valentine's Day: a gold mixed gemstone necklace with raw amethyst, rose quartz, and citrine.

3. For him, these tasteful Arabesque cufflinks will pair perfectly with any daily business wear or a special evening out.

4. A subtly elegant gold and black gemstone bracelet that will add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

Personalised gifts

5. The sentimental Valentine's Day gift box for your better half! Treat your loved one to a set of romantic pillowcases, Japanese cherry blossom-scented candles, and more.

6. Show your loved one just how much you know them with a personalised song wave print that will have him or her exclaim in delight, "Hey, it's *our* song!"

7. For him, this handmade and personalised pure silver collar will keep your precious message with him whereever he goes.

8. If you know they already have way too many jewellery, this personalised monogram jewellery dish in chrome gold will keep any wedding rings, earrings, and other trinkets for easy reach.

For couples

9. Gift your perfect match with a set of matching, comfy Turkish cotton pillowcases that say it on your behalf.

10. A cute set of Arab couple serving boards makes for a great way to serve and enjoy a cup of coffee, cheeses, snacks, or sandwiches.

11. Skip the basic Valentine's Day flowers for a personalised mug featuring a 3D letter made of flowers!

12. A personalised print with a couple photo, names, and special date makes for a sweet and sentimental Valentine's Day gift.

Sweet and romantic

13. What better way to "I love you" than in 50 languages? From Hawaii to New Guinea this world map of romantic words makes for lovely wall decor.

14. A set of matching His and Hers scarves with custom monograms, great for keeping cozy during winter chills!

15. Finally - don't forget to add a romantic Valentine's Day pop-up card along with your gift!

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