Here's One Dubai Theatre Show You Shouldn't Miss This Halloween |

Here's One Dubai Theatre Show You Shouldn't Miss This Halloween

Introducing Enter Macbeth - and it involves an Arabic Macbeth, Voldemort, Darth Vader and a whole lot of chaos!

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18 October 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
Enter Macbeth theatre show in Dubai

With a director on the cast, guest appearances by Star Wars and Harry Potter villains AND an Arabic Macbeth - comedy show, Enter Macbeth, is theatre chaos at best.

If you take two of Shakespeare's best plays, put them into a blender, mix them with Hummus and Salsa, dash a bit of pollen-juice, and viola... You have Enter Macbeth!

With witches, gargoyles and a whole lot of pumpkins, this is one Halloween show in Dubai you do not want to miss at any cost.

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Brought to you by Tall Tales Productions, comedy Enter Macbeth is a show based on two of the most popular of the Bard's plays - Hamlet and Macbeth. And the show is heading to Dubai's Al Serkal Avenue following a string of sell-out and successful performances by the group; including Howzat, Sherlock Holmes, and Just Like That (JLT).

Not only that, but the show will be contributing proceeds as part of the UAE's #YearOfGiving; donations will be made to two well established charity organisations in the UAE.

Show details

  • Dates: 1st to 3rd November, 2018
  • Location: The Junction Theatre in Al Serkal Avenue
  • Times: 7.30pm each day, matinee show on Saturday 3rd at 2.30pm
  • Ticket price: AED 100
  • Buy tickets: Head to Platinum List
Enter Macbeth theatre show in Dubai

About the show

For hundreds of years, cast members of Shakespeare's Hamlet have toiled through each nightly performance - delivering their lines, sneaking about behind tapestries, clutching at skulls, betraying one another, falling in love, losing their minds, drowning, stabbing, being stabbed, and dying - over, and over, and over again. Night after night, the cycle has never changed. Until now.

With a principal character missing and half the cast on the verge of revolt, they must take drastic measures to keep the script from being shelved and the set from going dark.

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With the cast grasping at straws to keep their numbers even, they soon resort to recruiting from other scripts in Shakespeare's First Folio, hoping that doing so will bring an end to all their problems. Little do they suspect that further doom awaits.

Director, Meghana Mundkur, explains further: "I remember going through so many scripts that after a point one story merged into another. "Then I read the preview of ‘Enter Macbeth’ and I couldn’t put it down! I admit it’s not a ‘popular’ play at all.

"It’s been written by Ruth Buchanan, again a writer not very many people have heard of. None of that matters though when you see how brilliantly she’s brought two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays together - Hamlet and Macbeth.

Enter Macbeth theatre show in Dubai

"For me the most exciting part is that Macbeth and Hamlet are tragedies but ‘Enter Macbeth’ turns them into a hilarious comedy! The format we’re working with is sort of an Inception of plays, a play within a play! It is such an honor to be working with cast I have, each one makes sure that despite all that’s happening in their lives, they bring 150% of their energy and commitment! This play is going to be quite a ride. Enter Macbeth gives you that perfect relief from all the worry we carry around with us."

"We are attempting to bring the Bard closer to people" says Asad Raza Khan, who is the Producer and Creative Consultant to the play.

"These days’ people want to be entertained and that is what we are giving to them! We want to make the bard presentable, accessible, and interesting for all ages including kids. We aim to perhaps create some sort of interest in his works, via what we are doing here. In any case, you can expect a crazy fun night at the theater! Let us entertain you!"

Get your tickets

To buy your tickets for this unmissable Halloween show in Dubai, head to Platinum List or buy your tickets directly at The Junction Dubai, Al Serkal Avenue.