Dubai TV Comedy Show, 'Comedy Adda' Now on TV |

You Can Now Watch Your Favourite UAE Comedians on TV

A new show is providing a platform for local comedians in the country to showcase their talents

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23 October 2019

Last updated on 23 October 2019
Dubai TV Comedy Show, 'Comedy Adda'

Over recent years, Dubai's local comedy scene has been growing slowly and steadily.

First, there was only a handful of comedians catering to small audiences in underground venues, but the last two years have seen significant growth in the number of comedians - and the audiences coming out to support them.

Following this spurt in demand for fresh, comical talent in the UAE, a new TV show has been created that aims to springboard comedians and help them to become globally recognised.

Comedy Adda is a show brought to you by ARY Digital and Tall Tales Production, which provides a platform for local comedians in the UAE to showcase their talents.

Featuring 8 of the best comedians from the region, the show is a mix of stand-up comedy specials (ala Netflix originals), and improvisational comedy.

With no less than 6 nationalities on the cast, the show promises to be a laugh-riot! This includes Pakistani, Indian, Sri-Lankan, Filipino, Singaporean, and British. As a result, it's a multi-lingual special with 70% of the jokes in English.

The show promises to entertain and enthrall audiences with material on romance, relationships, cricket, politics, shawarma, karma, Karama, and a whole lot more!

The show is conceptualized by MK Maroof and Asad Raza Khan and co-produced and directed by MK Maroof as well! Asad Raza Khan hosts the show and is the master of the improvisation games.

"The key to lifting the local arts and comedy scene, is to have a mix of multi-cultural talent", says Asad Raza Khan, the host of the show and local star.

"This is what makes this country unique, and we are trying to bring that to the audience’s attention.

"When Maroof and I conceptualized the show, we wanted to bring this genre in Dubai to the forefront! The talent in this show is fantastic and I am sure you will fall laughing over when you see them on the screen (and online)."

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