Get A Taste Of du Tough Mudder And du Mini Mudder At Kite Beach On Friday |

Get A Taste Of du Tough Mudder And du Mini Mudder At Kite Beach On Friday

It's happening THIS weekend!

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12 November 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
du Tough Mudder And du Mini Mudder

If you're feeling too anxious about signing up to the toughest race in the UAE

Then don't worry, there's going to be a little snippet for you to try for FREE this weekend at Kite Beach in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Perfect for those who are building the courage to tackle the toughest obstacle course coming to Dubai this December.

This Friday, November 16, there will be a special preparation for those who dare to take part in the Tough Mudder and Mini Mudder and will build their endurance to tackle the real deal next month.

In efforts to keep the public active for the Dubai Fitness Challenge this month, this exciting teaser of what's to come will give visitors a chance to participate.

Those who are interested can tackle a classic obstacle called "The Reach Around" - here visitors will experience just a taste of the challenge that awaits them on the 7th and 8th December at the Hamdan Sports Complex.

du Tough Mudder

Wondering what "The Reach Around" entails? Participants will have to reach up and grab a hold of something they cannot see while they scale up the face of a structure at a 45-degree angle.

Sounds impossible right? You won't know till you try it this weekend!

After grabbing on tight and attempting not to fall, participants will then be forced to reach up and around to pull themselves up and over the top of the structure.

Reach, feel, grab - you get the gist.

For the daring youngsters out there

If your little one wants to prep for the du Mini Mudder in December, there's an obstacle course designed just for kids.

Called the "Hangin' In Hangin' Out," Mini Mudders will need to try various levels of the monkey bar challenge - there has never been a better time to let them monkey around!

du Mini Mudder

Grab your tickets now

Since you've gotten a taste of the challenge that awaits you next month, make sure you don't miss out on many more obstacle courses that are waiting just for YOU and your little one.

Grab your tickets now from HERE

du Tough Mudder
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