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Don't Worry - The Weather Will Warm Up This Week

It's been SO cold these past couple of days

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20 January 2019

Last updated on 20 January 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Weather forecast in Dubai for January

We have good news for the sun babies amongst you...

After surviving the coldest weekend in the UAE for 2019, temperatures will increase for the remainder of this week and next weekend.

Meaning a day at the beach or by the pool will be a bit more comfortable for anyone in need of some time in the sun.

Temperatures on Sunday will still be slightly on the chilly side, but come Monday - expect highs of 24°C and 25°C for the rest of the week, with Saturday welcoming highs of 27°C.

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Plus, the last day of this weekend will be the perfect time to catch some much-needed rays, as there'll be plenty of sunshine and no clouds in the sky.

Evenings will see lows of 17°C and 16°C throughout the week, but generally weather is expected to be mostly sunny and pleasant, according to Accuweather.

Winter weather in Dubai...

If you're new in Dubai or have only experienced winter here yet - you're lucky. These days, temperatures are overall perfect for an outdoor lifestyle that most of us are afforded while living here.

But come March, those temperatures will begin to rise into the low 30s and April will bring temps in the mid-30s.

Meanwhile, in the UK:

As much as we might complain about cold temperatures in Dubai - which really aren't THAT cold at all - we're lucky we're not faced with a freezing snow storm like the UK right now that's expected to last at least four weeks.

Us right now:

Snow in the UK