Dubai Schools Cancel All Public Trips and Events |

Dubai Schools Cancel Trips and Events to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

KHDA officially cancels all internal and external sports events, field trips, and camps in Dubai private schools and universities.

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29 February 2020

Last updated on 1 March 2020
Dubai Schools Cancel Trips and Events to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Dubai school events cancelled as a precautionary measure.

On Saturday 29th February, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) announced the official cancellation of all Dubai private school and university events that involve public gatherings, such as camping trips, sports events, field trips, and other school excursions.

The decision was made in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Dubai, also known as Covid-19.

School classes are still in regular operation.

The tweet from KHDA's official account read: "To make sure everyone in Dubai stays safe, all internal & external gatherings at private schools & universities in Dubai have been cancelled. This includes camps, sports, & trips. This is a precautionary action only. Safety is always our top priority."

All UAE nurseries, kindergartens, and after-school clubs/activities have been temporarily closed until further notice, in an effort to guarantee the health and safety of younger students and staff by limiting the spread of Covid-19. The announcement was made by the UAE Ministry of Education.

Nurseries have sent a notice to parents via SMS, e-mail, and social media to alert them of the announcement.

Although nurseries, kindergartens, and after-school activities operations have been suspended, private schools and universities in Dubai are not closed.