Holiday Homes in Downtown Dubai Can Continue Operations |

Holiday Homes in Downtown Dubai Can Continue Operations

UPDATE: the Dubai Department of Tourism will allow holiday homeowners to continue business in the area

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19 September 2019

Last updated on 19 September 2019
Holiday Homes in Downtown Dubai Can Continue Operations

The decision came a day before holiday home operations in Downtown Dubai were said to be officially banned

Following previous news of Emaar calling holiday home businesses to a stop in Downtown Dubai, a new decision from Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) will allow homeowners to continue operations in the area. DTCM is the governing authority for Dubai tourism.

Earlier this month Emaar, the developer behind Downtown Dubai, announced that all holiday home rentals will no longer be permitted. A statement was given informing homeowners that they had to cease all short-term rental operations by Thursday, September 19. The ban was a result of multiple disturbance complaints from community residents.

"In the recent past, there has also been a growing concern as holiday homes have been used for non-residential and non-family orientated activities, impacting the value and neighbourhood spirit of our communities," the circular read.

On Wednesday, September 18, DTCM released a notice saying that Downtown Dubai holiday homeowners can continue renting out to visitors and tourists.

According to Gulf News, DTCM advised Emaar that they cannot impose a ban on holiday operations in Dubai.

The governing authority is expected to release an official statement soon.