Complete List of Banned Drinking Flasks in the UAE |

List of Banned Flasks in the UAE

Find out if you're using any of the widely used but banned, cancer-causing flasks in the UAE

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7 December 2019

Last updated on 12 December 2019
List of Banned Flasks in the UAE

Dubai has released the full list of banned flasks made from harmful asbestos fibres

The UAE authorities have cracked down on everyday products containing cancer-causing materials. Among these are flasks from some of the most popular home brands in the region.

Shoppers are urged to buy flasks that carry the Emirates Conformity Assessment System mark, which shows that the product is safe for use. Created by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA), the mark serves to protect consumers from items that can pose a danger to health.

“The commercial compliance and consumer protection sector in Dubai has set up a specialised team in co-operation with the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology to address traders and guide them to withdraw asbestos-containing thermal flasks,” said Mohammed Lootah, Chief Executive of the consumer protection sector at Dubai's Department of Economic Development.

Some of the banned flasks are made with glass inserts, which are frequently used at occasions and parties. Others are made with asbestos fibre, an insulating material that once released into the air, could significantly harm humans once inhaled.

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For more information, contact Dubai Municipality at 800900.