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Public Holiday Confirmed for Islamic New Year

Both the public and private sectors will enjoy a three-day weekend at the end of August

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20 August 2019

Last updated on 21 August 2019
Al Hijri Public Holiday in UAE 2019

Will we have a long weekend this September? Read on...

Eid Al Adha has passed and we're already looking forward to enjoying another long break. If you're wondering when will the UAE celebrate the next public holiday, it will be for Al Hijri, or the Islamic New Year.

Al Hijri is expected to fall on Saturday, 31st August 2019, with the prospect of a long, three-day weekend until Sunday, 1st September 2019.

The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar year, in which months are 29 or 30 days long, dependent on the moon sightings. Therefore, the Hijri year is shorter than the Gregorian solar year and dates differ from year to year. As a result, the actual date for Al Hijri 2019 will be confirmed by the Dubai government when a new moon has been sighted.

What is Al Hijri Islamic New Year?

The Islamic New Year, which is officially known as Al Hijri, marks the beginning of a new Islamic calendar year which differs from the Gregorian calendar currently used in Western countries.

The holiday is observed on the first day of Muharram, which is the first month in the lunar Islamic calendar and considered the holiest month after Ramadan. It's particularly important, as all religious duties and dates, including prayer, holy nights, fasting in the month of Ramadan and pilgrimage, are calculated according to the Islamic lunar calendar and Islamic New Year.

What does Al Hijra mean?

Hijri is derived from Arabic word Hijrah, which means migration. Thus, Al Hijri specifically refers to to the migration of Prophet Muhammad more than 14 centuries ago.

Will there be a dry night for Islamic New Year?

ike all religious Islamic holidays, Al Hijra will have a dry night across the UAE, where alcohol will not be served for 24 hours. Hotels and bars are also asked not to host live entertainment, in respect of the holiday. Although celebrations for the Islamic New Year are unlikely to take place.