Convert Your IMG Worlds of Adventure Ticket to a Free Plane Ticket |

Quick! Convert Your Amusement Park Ticket To A Free Plane Ticket

For a limited time only, your IMG Worlds AED 299 pass will get you a free round trip ticket to over 20 countries

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15 July 2019

Last updated on 15 July 2019
Quick! Convert Your Amusement Park Ticket To A Free Plane Ticket

And good news - the promo is open to both residents and tourists in the UAE

IMG Worlds of Adventure, the Dubai-based indoor family theme park, launched its "Fly Free with IMG" offer where visitors to the park can turn their AED 299 park admission to a free round trip flight.

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Any customer who buys one full-admission ticket will be able to use the ticket to gain access to the theme park as well as fly for free to one of the 21 locations listed with the promo. Destinations include Athens, Bahrain, Bucharest, Cairo, Colombo, Delhi, Dublin, London, Manila, and more.

The deal almost sounds too good to be true...

There are a few catches, though. The round trip flight tickets are free, but you'll still need to pay travel taxes and other airport fees which is only AED 99 per person (still not bad!). One admission ticket can be redeemed for a maximum of two flight tickets. You also can't choose what date and time your flight is, or even which airline you'll be flying with. The tickets are limited to economy class only.

Once you avail the promo from the ticket and pick your preferred dates and destination, IMG Worlds will be giving you your flight offer. When you accept the offer, you can't cancel or change the flight.

It's worth noting that if additional IMG Worlds park tickets were bought, the third and fourth passengers will be charged 50% of the flight fare but all passengers availing this offer are still required to pay the AED 99 per head fees.

Quick! Convert Your Amusement Park Ticket To A Free Plane Ticket

How to get the IMG Worlds Fly for Free offer

  • Purchase a full-price IMG Theme Park admission ticket either through their official website or on-site at the park.
  • Once you buy the ticket, you'll get a voucher for your free flight. Visit to avail the offer, which is only valid within 21 days after purchase.
  • Follow the instructions on the website - you can choose three destinations from the 21 listed on the site.
  • Once you've finished your travel application, IMG Worlds will process your ticket within 7 days, of which they'll send you a link to upload details of the admission ticket you bought.
  • You have only 72 hours upon receiving the link to pay airport fees, taxes, and a service charge of AED 99 per person.