Spotify Has Now Launched in the UAE and Middle East |

Spotify Users Rejoice: The Music App Has Landed In The UAE

But... there’s a catch!

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6 November 2018

Last updated on 8 November 2018

The whole Middle East was ecstatic with the news of Spotify’s possible emergence in the region...

News broke out back in September at the possibility of a popular music streaming application making its way to the Middle East during November.

And now Spotify users can finally be the first to know that it has officially landed in the Middle East!

However, before you get too excited – the music app’s emergence is still in its earliest stages.

For now, Spotify will be available for existing account holders in the Middle East and North Africa without the need of a VPN – but for those who wish to download the app and set up an account, it may not be so easy.

And for non-account holders, Spotify in the UAE is via invite only – non-subscribers are advised to visit the local website of their Spotify and enter an email address to be put on a waiting list and receive an invitation.


The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar and Morocco are the countries so far to receive the Swedish music app and through invite only.

So far, there has been no news on whether or not the music application will start allowing non-subscribers to download the app without the need of an invitation.

It was confirmed via social media

Social media followers automatically noticed the emergence of a new Spotify account on Twitter, @SpotifyArabia, and couldn’t contain their excitement.


And users are noticing more Arabic curated playlists, which may have hinted at the music app’s arrival into the region.

And for those who don’t really have a preference towards which music application they use – residents in the UAE have a plethora of options, including Apple Music, Anghami, Deezer and now Spotify to add to the list.