UAE Astrology Fans: The Brightest Comet Will Be Seen In The UAE This Weekend |

UAE Astrology Fans: The Brightest Comet Will Be Seen In The UAE This Weekend

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10 December 2018

Last updated on 10 December 2018

It seems as if the UAE is just bursting with astrology news

We told you last month about your one and only chance to catch the largest meteor show in the UAE on December 14.

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And now we’ve upped the ante because the brightest comet of the year will also be seen shooting across UAE skies this weekend.

Just in time for the most magical time of the year, the comet could not have planned a better debut time this Christmas season.

Starting from December 14 until December 18, the bright comet will be visible to the naked eye for all those who are gazing up at the sky this weekend.

This once in a lifetime opportunity is truly special as this comet is the closest it’s ever travelled to Earth in more than 4 centuries.

And will not be this close again for at least 20 years.

So DO not miss out on this!

What is a comet?

Being called the Christmas Comet by NASA and astronomers around the world, this comet is scientifically called 46P/Wirtanen and has a diameter of 1.2 km.

Astronomers have stated that comets like this only pass by the Sun every 5 years and are usually too far for the naked eye to spot…until this one.

It will be travelled at a distance of 11.5 million kilometres away from Earth this year – making it visible.

In other words, it’s so bright that even if it is travelling at a distance of 30 times from Earth to the Moon, we would still be able to see it.

This Christmas comet is the size of the full moon and will be emitting halos of lights as it travels close to earth.

Residents in Dubai will only be able to see the comet if they are away from city lights – preferably in the desert where the stars are most visible.

They are also advised to use binoculars or a normal DSLR camera to zoom in closer for the spectacular sky show.

Here's a sneak peak