UAE Nurseries Closed From March 1: What You Need to Know |

UAE Nurseries Closed for Two Weeks From March 1

UAE Ministry of Education announced the temporary closure of all nurseries as a preventive measure against coronavirus.

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29 February 2020

Last updated on 1 March 2020
UAE Nurseries Closed for Two Weeks From March 1

This includes UAE nurseries, kindergartens, after-school clubs, and after-school activities.

In an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the UAE, the Ministry of Education stated that all nurseries, kindergartens, after-school clubs, and after-school activities in the country will be closed from Sunday 1st March for two weeks.

Hussein Al Hammadi, the UAE Minister of Education, and Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Owais, the UAE Minister of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), appeared together on Saturday 29th February for a press conference on coronavirus, addressing a list of measures to limit the possibility of transmission of the coronavirus infection.

The UAE Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education have said they are constantly monitoring the situation and will take any measures required to guarantee the health and safety of the students.

A circular has been issued to all nurseries to suspend all student activities inside and outside the country until further notice.

"Another circular has already been issued allowing any student having flu symptoms to stay home until full recovery," said Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, UAE Minister of Education, at the press conference.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) have also taken steps to ensure the safety of Dubai private school and university students by canceling all internal and external events that involve public gatherings, such as field trips, camping trips, sports events, school events, and other excursions.

However, Dubai private schools and universities have not been canceled and classes are resuming as per usual.

Any students who have recently traveled within the last 28 days are advised to declare their travel history to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

If a student has recently visited or been in contact with someone who has visited any of the countries affected by the coronavirus outbreak, they are requested to fill out a Travel Declaration Form.

181 students from across the country took part in the UAE Tour, which recently confirmed that two technicians at the event tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. The students are being screened by health authorities to ensure their health.