This Is Why Sharjah Police Will Be Knocking on Your Door |

This Is Why Sharjah Police Will Be Knocking on Your Door

This August, Sharjah authorities will have a two-week census across the emirate

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16 July 2019

Last updated on 17 July 2019
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by Clarice Awa
This Is Why Sharjah Police Will Be Knocking on Your Door

Photo source: Sharjah Police

Don't be alarmed!

Expat and Emirati residents in Sharjah may be surprised when the authorities come on your doorstep, asking for a moment of your time. You're not in any trouble (unless you have reason to be), don't worry because it's part of a census.

In collaboration with Sharjah Police, the Department of Statistics and Community Development of Sharjah (DSCD) will be conducting a study across the emirate to find out how safe the residents feel. The study is set to start on August 15, 2019.

The project is called Safe Community, and it's in line with the Sharjah government's plans to track and analyse the police services so that they can ensure residents' happiness. According to the Instagram post below, they'll be exploring the opinion of the local community about the polices' recent performance and see where they can improve government services.

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DCSD and Sharjah police will be surveying over 5,000 expats and UAE nationals in the emirate either by questionnaire or phone interview. Respondents can answer the questions in one of the three language options that will be available: English, Arabic, and Urdu.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Head of DSCD, said, "We are proud that Sharjah Police placed its trust in our department to prepare and carry out this study using scientific statistical methodologies, which ensures the accuracy of the study’s results and their representation of the emirate's society."

The last census carried out of this magnitude was in 2017 when the Sharjah police cooperated with the Department of Districts and Villages. The key goal of the census then was to identify the safest places in the city as well as which districts residents felt the safest. Results found that Al Khalidiya was the safest area in Sharjah.



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