Your Guide To The Filipino ‘Bayanihan Festival’ In Dubai |

Your Guide To The Filipino ‘Bayanihan Festival’ In Dubai

Thousands of Filipinos will be celebrating this weekend

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20 December 2018

Last updated on 20 December 2018

To all Filipinos in the UAE, the word is very familiar

However, to all the remaining residents it’s time to learn about the Bayanihan festival, which takes place every year in the UAE.

For an entire day of festivities, competitions, cultural performances and celebrations – the Filipino community in the UAE come together to enjoy a distinct Filipino tradition.

As the week is coming to an end, thousands of Filipinos are gearing to celebrate this festival on Friday, December 21 in efforts to contribute to communal work and cooperation in achieving a goal this year.

What is the Bayanihan festival?

The Bayanihan Festival is basically an end of year celebration for all the Filipinos to celebrate together towards a unanimous goal – Bayani, means hero and Bayani means community, so to come together as a community in the UAE.

And the UAE is also gearing to help expats from the Philippines enjoy this festive day with a huge celebration at the Dubai World Trade Centre (7am - 8pm) on Friday.

It’s also a day to celebrate three occasions in one towards the end of every year – the UAE National Day, the Filipino Christmas and the yuletide holiday.


Why is it celebrated?

Combining and celebrating all things Philippines in the UAE, it’s an opportunity for the Filipino expat community in the country to gather and celebrate with one another as one large community.

In the UAE, there are two main Filipino events that are celebrated annually in the country – the Philippine Independence Day and the Bayanihan festival.

By doing so, the friends and family celebrate with one another and can also invite members of the public to join in the celebrations with Filipino culture, dance, arts, innovation, heritage and tradition.

And as expected, tens of thousands of Filipinos will gather in celebration this Friday around the UAE.

What to expect from the Bayanihan Festival?

Various activities and options will be available to Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike this year, including:

  • Drum and lyre parade
  • Ukit Pinoy (fruit and vegetable carving competition)
  • Painting and photography competitions
  • Dance competitions
  • Kislap ng Pasko (Christmas lantern competition)
  • Christmas choir presentation
  • Filipino celebrities – Ronnie Alonte, Sue Ramirez