Must Do Water Activities In Dubai For Those Who Love The Water |

Must Do Water Activities In Dubai For Those Who Love The Water

For those beach lovers and water activity seekers, here are 6 activities to try in Dubai

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24 October 2018

Last updated on 26 November 2018
Water Activities

The sun, the sand, the water and the waves…there’s nothing better than spending time at the beach

And what better way to spend an entire fun day in the sun than to take it up a notch by trying out a water activity!

You’ll find that there isn’t a dull minute when you’re trying out a new activity in Dubai’s pristine waters.

And Dubai has many free beaches that you can go to and simply enjoy the beach vibes.

This list is perfect for those who are bored of just lounging by the beach side and are looking to add some adrenaline into their beach routines.

And who knows, a one-time experience may inspire a whole new love to the beach.

Here are 6 activities that are all water-related for you to try, enjoy and love!

1. Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a technique derived from regular surfing with a little bit of sailing – a surfboard is fixed with a sail that used the wind to help you move on the water.

This surface water sport is a lot of fun but requires some controlled movements and a windy day!

2. Kayaking

For those who don’t wish to get wet, but still want to be in the middle of the water – kayaking might be the water sport for you.

By using a small boat called a kayak you’re able to move across the water with the help of a propeller.

You don’t even need to get very adventurous with this one, you can just sit and push yourself around and watch the fabulous views.

3. Wakeboarding

This adrenaline packed water activity is a mix of surfing and high speed – your board is designed to hold your weight while holding onto a rope that is connected to a boat.

You can manipulate the board under your feet and stay afloat while the boat pulls you in high speeds.

4. Snorkeling

There are loads of beautiful locations around the UAE in which you can dive and get face to face with the fish in the ocean.

You’ll be equipped with some swimming fins, goggles and a diving mask! You can observe underwater life and corals without any training or equipment like in scuba diving.

5. Jet-Skiing

Already familiar with this adrenaline-packed water sport because it is full of speed and adventure.

Basically, you’ll move fast across the waters by using a jet-ski – beware though, they can get quite fast and dangerous.

6. Banana Boating

Perfect for the whole family or a bunch of friends, this water activity will have you holding on tight!

The aim of the game is to stay on the banana floatie as a boat drives around in fast speeds to swing you off of it - last man/woman standing, wins!



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