Dubai Falls In Love with John Legend at the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival |

Dubai Falls In Love with John Legend at the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival

China Moses and John Legend performed at the Dubai Jazz Fest and it was unforgettable

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23 February 2018

Last updated on 27 March 2018
Dubai Falls In Love with John Legend at the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival

The Dubai Jazz Festival started on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2018 and what a great opening it was! The festival started with Renegade Brass Band and Duran Duran and they made the first night amazing.

Now day two of the Dubai Jazz Festival has arrived and passed and it was even more memorable than the first day! The crowd was considerably larger than on the first night and a great atmosphere started forming from early in the evening already.

China Moses opened the evening with her "mood guys" as she calls them. She is a great story teller and performer as she had the crowd lingering on every word that she was both speaking and singing. The best of all was seeing how she enjoyed herself on the stage.

China Moses

With every song, she was dancing along to the music and visually telling a story. Sounds of an electric guitar and drums filled the air along with China Moses' soulful voice. Looking at the crowd, some people were dancing while others opted to rather sit on the grass and enjoy the music.

It was quiet for some time, but as soon as the first people from John Legends' crew came on stage, people started running towards the stage to ensure they didn't miss a second of the performance.

It is actually difficult to explain the atmosphere in the amphitheater. People were singing along to almost every song that John Legend was serenading the crowd with. On stage the ladies were looking great with their synchronized dance moves that added just the right amount of flair to every song.

Even the trumpeters were adding their own unique touch to the performance as they were grooving along to the music while playing and staying on-key the whole time.

John Legend

And of course, what would the performance be without John performing one of our most loved songs from him, "All of me" . After introducing the band at the end of the evening and when a number of people have started leaving, we heard the piano start singing those first familiar couple of notes from the song. It was the perfect end to an unforgettable evening.

Some artists sound better on recordings than they do in person, but this is not the case with John Legend! We're sure that everyone who was there would agree that seeing John Legend perform live in Dubai was an absolute treat and we can't wait for him to come back to our desert city again.