Girls Night at Atelier M |

Girls Night at Atelier M

We held our first of many girls night at a popular Dubai Marina scene. Were you there? Check out the pictures below!

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4 October 2016

Last updated on 9 August 2017
Girls Night at Atelier M
We teamed up with Atelier M to bring our girls the first of many girls night to enjoy! Perched at the top of Pier 7, our girls had the opportunity to end the working day and start their night out with stunning views of Dubai Marina. 

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With two drinks vouchers in hand, plus a raffle ticket with a chance to win a luxurious facial, our girls had a great night meeting each other, networking and relaxing. After all, Tuesday night is always dedicated to the girls of Dubai every week! 

Did you come with? Check the pictures above, and share with your girls...

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