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Teaching Stranger Danger to Your Children

While where you live might be considered safe, parents do need to be vigilant

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8 January 2013

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Teaching Stranger Danger to Your Children

We have seen a lot in the media and on message boards recently about reported attempted abductions and we know it is a real concern to all of you with children no matter what age they are.

Whilst we all know Dubai on the whole is a very safe environment to live, we do need to be extra vigilant and teach our children some common sense tips whilst out and about.

Who are strangers?

Strangers are people you don’t know; A stranger in a particular place is someone who has never been there before.

Tips and advice for children

  • Don’t talk to strangers when a parent is not around.
  • Don’t accept lifts, sweets, gifts, money etc…. from a stranger.
  • If you gets lost in a store or mall to go a security guard or shop assistant and ask them for help.
  • Don’t give out your name, address, phone number or any other information about yourself to strangers.
  • Be careful if they call out to you to come closer for help or directions. It's easy for a stranger to pull you into a car if you get close enough.
  • Don't be fooled by people who claim to know you or your parents. That does not mean that you know them.
  • Create a super secret family password that can be used in case of emergencies- i.e. if you do have to send a friend to get your kids from school due to an emergency they can use the password to reassure your child that they have really been sent by mummy or daddy.
  • If you are ever in doubt or don’t feel comfortable then go to somewhere that is safe and tell an adult.
  • Make sure your home help- miads, baby sitters, house boy are briefed on stranger danger too so that when they are in charge of your kids when out or home alonoe with them that they know the safety precautions to follow too.