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30 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Indoors

Make sure you never hear the echoes of "Muuuum, I'm bored" again...

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20 July 2015

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30 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Indoors

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, or whether it's too hot outside or too cold, inevitably your little ones will get fed up with being stuck indoors all day long. But now, with these boredom-busting ways to keep entertained indoors, it won't matter what the weather is outside. Start by challenging your little ones to do something different this afternoon, and try out a craft, recipe, or even a game that wouldn't have otherwise interested them.

Prove to them that being stuck inside isn't necessarily a bad thing - it can be an opportunity to learn something new! Bonus: none of the activities listed below involve the TV!

1. Make your own play dough
It's easy, requires only household ingredients and takes just 10 minutes! Get flour, water, cream of tartar, salt, vegetable oil and food colouring and in just a few minutes, you'll have long-lasting, non-toxic, homemade playdough!

2. Sing to karaoke
Let them unleash their inner rock stars and start singing...

3. Play dress-up
Pull out all of their play clothes, along with some of Mum's shoes and Dad's old sporting equipment, and whatever else you can find, and let your kids create the craziest outfits they can imagine.

4. Play library
Check out their favourite books from your home collection, organise the library by book colour, author, size, or subject. Or just find a cozy corner, curl up and read!

5. Write, direct and produce a TV show
Encourage creativity by challenging the kiddos to create their own TV show or movie. Whether the show gets picked up or not, we're sure the pilot will be enough to entertain.

6. Create a time capsule
Have your kids include a letter to their future selves, with information like school, summer plans, their best friend's names, hobbies they enjoy, favourite movies, songs, and so much more. Include momentos and photos. Seal the whole thing in an airtight container, and then bury it in the backyard or hide it in the house!

7. Make cake pops!
Cake pops can seem quite intimidating, but they're really actually quite easy - and delicious! Make your own bee cake pops, with vanilla cake, dipped in yellow candy melt, and decorated with blank fondant and white chocolate wafers for the wings!

8. Write letters to people you admire
Brainstorm favourite politicians, athletes, or any other role models that your kids might have and embark upon a letter-writing project.

9. Vacation memory jars
Retain yours and your kids favourite artifacts from their time away from home. Best of all, they can easily be transported to school to show their friends.

10. Dig up some old socks
Create sock puppets, fill them with sand or decorate them into door stoppers!

11. Make fresh fruit pops
An easy one when you have some sliced fruits, water and an ice lolly tray.

30 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Indoors

12. Cardboard play
If you've any spare cardboard boxes around, transform them into something unique. With a few snips and some glue, add some fabric, and voilà! You can make puppet theaters for an afternoon showing your little one's favourite show.

13. Create an art gallery
Put the kids' original artwork on display in your home! Plus, if you have an excessive amount of old paintings and drawings, let them sort through and organsie the keepers from those they can live without.

14. Make a fingerprint family tree
Use an ink pad and kiddie thumbs to create this great and unique decoration for your home. Plus, it's a chance to teach your kids about their family history.

15. Build a den, fort or tent
Hit the linen closet and construct a tent, den or fort with sheets and pillows! And once all of the hardwork is done, playtime can begin!

16. Spa day
Get out those nail polishes for at home mani/pedis! Have everyone wear bathrobes, cut up some cucumbers to soothe their "weary eyes" and turn on some relaxing music.

17. Have a movie marathon
Pick out your favourites, turn out your lights, grab the duvet for the sofa and enjoy some flicks as a family.

18. Get active, with elephant feet!
Pull out empty cans, and create something that will get those kids of yours moving.

19. Build a terrarium
A glass vessel, some sand, some dirt, and a few plants make for a great indoor project that will last no matter what the weather outside.

20. Make pizzas... With bagels!
Grab a couple of bagels, slice them up and let your kids add their own toppings. The greatness of a pizza, without the mess of dough.

21. Make DIY pillowcases
If you have some spare linen you're willing to sacrifice, then have the kids decorate their own pillowcases. A great way to add some personality to their bedroom!

22. Have an indoor picnic
Bring all the elements of a good old-fashioned picnic, and bring them indoors for a memorable meal.

23. Make a button monogram
A framed button monogram makes a fun personalised home decor accessory that gives any room a joly of whimsy.

24. Create a collage
Get ou the glu, scissors, photos and old magazines and get collaging! It's a fantastic way to help your kids make a memory board.

25. Put on a puppet show
Whether it's with finger puppets, stuffed animals or old-school puppets (or even painted hands), a puppet show is fun for everyone!

30 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Indoors

26. Make button jewellery
A button bracelet or necklace is easy to make, inexpensive and lots of fun! Have your kiddies help you sort, pick and thread the buttons.

27. Have a tea party
Gather up the stuffed-animal guests and start brewing! Cakes, tea sandwiches and posh British accents are optional but highly recommended to add to the fun.

28. Play hide and seek
There's nothing better than a classic game of hide and seek.

29. Search for buried treasure
Create a treasure map, hide some special prizes around the house and you're good to go. You could spray paint spare change to make it look like gold coins, or use candy prizes.

30. Fingerprint painting
Need we say more?