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10 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Having Twins Naturally

Conceiving twins is not easy, but it's not impossible as well...

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23 October 2017

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10 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Having Twins Naturally

Twins are gorgeous, there’s nothing in the world like having a partner in crime by blood. But conceiving them unfortunately isn’t that easy if the genes don’t run in the family, and you’re not considering IVF.

However, many fertility experts pointed out that twins aren’t as rare as everyone thinks, as it’s very common for more than one embryo to be implanted, yet only one survives.

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And though having twins naturally isn’t easy, it is not impossible as well. Furthermore, chances of having twins can always be increased naturally.

And here is how you can increase your chances of having twins, without resorting to IVF:

1# Folic Acid Supplements

Studies have shown that women who took folic acid supplements while trying to conceive, have a 40% or greater chance of conceiving twins. However, the link between folic acid and conceiving twins isn’t asserted yet, but the aforementioned supplements help prevent neural tube defects, meaning they’re still a good idea even if one isn’t trying to conceive twins.

#2 Height and Weight

Studies have shown that obese or overweight women had higher chances of conceiving twin. Results were the same for tall women.

#3 Increase your Dairy Intake

According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Gary Steinman, a physician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, women who consumed more dairy products are 5 times more likely to conceive twins. But dairy products may not be the main reason behind these results per se, but rather consuming products from growth-hormone-treated animals.

#4 Cassava

These African sweet potatoes are believed to cause hyperovulation, hence, increase the chances of having multiples.

#5 Age

Older women have higher chances of dropping two eggs, because they produce more FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). However, fertility rates go down as women age, so the chances of falling pregnant at all are decreased.

#6 Try to Conceive Directly After Cutting Birth Control Pills

When stopping taking birth control pills, the body takes one or two cycles to get the hormones working the way they’re supposed to again, which might result in stimulating the hormone too much, hence, causing the ovaries to release more than one egg. So the first ovulatory cycle after stopping the pills might be the perfect time to try to conceive twins.

#7 Wild Yams

It is believed that a chemical in wild yams stimulates the ovaries, resulting also in releasing more than one egg during ovulation. These claims are yet to be confirmed, however, eating more wild yams when trying to conceive twins won’t hurt.

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#8 Breast-feeding

A study showed that women who were trying to conceive while still breastfeeding were 9 times more likely to conceive twins.

#9 Have your Partner Consume More Zinc-rich Foods

Foods that are rich in zinc stimulates sperm production, hence, increasing the chances of fertilizing more than one egg. These foods include: green leafy vegetables, oysters, bread, and seeds.

#10 Progesterone Supplements

Progesterone is believed to increase chances of having twins, as it strengthens the lining of the uterus.