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10 UAE Based Mum Blogs You Can't Help But Follow

Parenting can be quite confusing but these mums show you the bright side!

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23 July 2017

Top 10 mum blogs in the UAE

Motherhood is tiring and requires a lot of patience, but that doesn't mean mums can't be creative! Here's a round up of 10 hilariously witty blogs written by mothers based in the UAE.

Read at your own risk and try not to get sucked in by the cuteness!

1. Mommy in Dubai

Corrine is a young mum of 2 kids, Ruby, aged 5 and Nate, aged 3. A fan of all things vintage, thrift shopping, pretty tea cups and all things Kawaii (Japanese for cute), Corrine is a Dubai-based mother who has been nominated for "Stylist Arabia Social Media Star Of The Year". Further more, she was shortlisted for ‘Best Parent Blogger of 2014 & 2015’ by Time Out Dubai Awards. She has many accolades to her name, and dreams of being the Martha Stewart of the Middle East.

Find it here: www.mommyindubai.com


2. Dubai Our Sandbox

Run by Emily, mother of Luella and Josefin, this blog focuses on life in Dubai, "the sandbox". She is on a mission to talk to mums and girlfriends, be on the look out for kids 'goodies' to share with her readers and inspire little finds for your family life in Dubai. Check her blog out for the latest skincare, fashion and beauty tips and reviews.

Find it here: www.dubaioursandbox.com


3. Cuddles & Crumbs

Abigail is a Dubai based Filipina 'stay at home mum' whose blog Cuddles & Crumbs talks about everyone's favourite thing - food! Take part in her literary journey that traverses through Bento boxes for lunch, wholesome recipes, social events and expat life in the UAE, all with a good dash of humour.

Find it here: www.cuddlesandcrumbs.com


4. Mum of Boys (& Mabel)

Charlie is mum to boys Stanley and Wilfred as well as a little girl called Mabel. They are British expats living in Dubai, and originally from Kent in the UK. Started in May, 2014, Charile hopes that her blog can reach out to all mums, giving them hope that they are all in this together. Read her posts to experience motherhood first hand with a good bit of important information for everyone!

Find it here: www.mumofboys.co.uk


5. Sand In My Toes

Former journalist and copywriter Tarana Khan Siddiqui talks about parenthood in the best way she can - by writing about it! A stay at home mum of two - Tarana addresses everyday issues about mommyhood, shares tips and tricks about staying cool through the process and also has a section for DIY crafts that you can indulge in with your little ones!

Find it here: www.sandinmytoes.tk

6. The Son And The Moon

The Son and the Moon is a humorous take on motherhood, penned by funny mum Abbey. She stresses that her blog isn't the place to go for 'expert advice', rather it is a real take on the challenges of being a mum and believes in the philosophy of 'going with the flow'.

Find it here: www.sonandthemoon.com

The son and the moon

7. Seashells on the Palm

Edwina is a mother of four and manages a beautiful blog, which can best be described as Yoga for the eyes! It is an honest take on the prospects of motherhood, complete with aww-worthy images of her children as well as tips for all other mothers out there.

Find it here: www.seashellsonthepalm.com

Seashells on the palm

8. Tuesdayschild

Tuesdaychild is curated by Heidi Raeside, and talks about the finer nuances of motherhood as a lifestyle. This is not a blog for parenting advice, rather it focuses on fashion, beauty and everything that is fun and beautiful about being a mum. In her own words, "it is an online mini-break from development, nutrition, behaviour, sleeping, etc. and a little indulgence into the most fun bits: nursery interiors, baby clothes, gifts and holidays!"

Find it here: www.tuesdayschild.me


9. Sara Sadik

Sara Sadik is an award-winning writer and full time mum, talking about the 'finding the magic in motherhood'. Make no mistake, this blog is not your typical mommy-blog, and is filled with anecdotes and hilarious encounters with children, and discusses hilariosuly the perils of being a mum!

Find it here: www.sarasadik.com

sara sadik

10. Mama knows Dubai

Mama knows Dubai, partnered with their events arm, mamavents, is the brainchild of Kellie Whitehead, a sassy mama known in the Dubai circle as a pioneer in not just listing but also organising events for mums and tots.

Find it here: www.mamaknowsdubai.com

mama knows dubai