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9 Shopping Nightmares Every Parent Can Relate To

Even the most simple of tasks like grocery shopping is a challenge

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21 July 2017

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Shopping nightmares all parents relate to

Parenting throws at you an endless list of challenges; some rewarding, and some downright frustrating. Perhaps one of the most unfortunate challenges is the weekly trip at the supermarket.

And no, we don't mean a relaxing trip to buy a bottle of grape and your favourite microwave meal to enjoy at home in peace and quiet.

In fact, we mean quite the opposite - the below experiences are no doubt far too familiar when you have children. And what might be often planned as a splendid trip to the shop, turns out to be an uncontrollable couple of hours filled with stress, tantrums and an expensive receipt at the end of it.

So here's 9, very real nightmares of shopping as a parent with the kids in tow.

1. The dreaded tantrums in public

Let's start with the most feared one. Whether they're tired, stubborn or don't get what they want - prepare for stomping feet and tears.

Tantrums while shopping with kids

2. Insisting on eating food before buying it

And you end up with 2 packets of crisps, half a box of biscuits and an empty drinks bottle that you have to pay for at the till.

Eating food before paying for it

3. Throwing random things in to the trolley

Or worse, sneaking them in when you're not paying attention.

Throwing things into the trolley

4. Throwing themselves into the trolley

Because you can guarantee, half way round the store - they'll forget how to use their legs. Or on the other hand, will want to go for a joy-ride with their sibling pushing.

Children while shopping

5. Giving your child control of the trolley

Only for them to go missing after 15 seconds.

Child pushing the shopping trolley

6. Having to discipline them in public

Only to become every other shopper's entertainment.

Disciplining your child in public

7. When they insist on buying stuff they DON'T need

Set of erasers? New Frisbee? A box of cereal because it has a toy in?

Shopping with kids

8. When you finally give in to buying treats

And then you're faced with hyperactivity for the rest of your afternoon.

Giving sweets to kids while shopping

9. When they insist on touching EVERYTHING

And you have to resist the urge.

Kids touching things while shopping