How Your Mother Is The Reason Behind Your IQ |

How Your Mother Is The Reason Behind Your IQ

"I got it from my mother..."

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28 August 2017

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How children get their IQs from their mothers

Rejoice mums all around the world... As science suggests that children inherit their intelligence from their mothers, not fathers.

A new study conducted at the University of Glasgow, found that your mummy’s genetics determine how smart, or dull, you are.

The aforementioned study also explained that women carry two X chromosomes, while men have one only. Hence, females are more likely to transmit intelligence genes to babies. A new reason to go beyond the looks when searching for a partner, right?

Furthermore, scientists now believe some genes inherited from the father might be automatically deactivated, such as those responsible of advanced cognitive functions.

Intelligence genes belong to the category “conditional genes”; which scientists think work if inherited from only the mother in some case, and from the father only in other cases. And when it comes to IQ’s, never let a man do a woman’s job.

Scientists concluded this after leading several laboratory experiments on genetically-modified mice, which led rodents with the maternal genes to developing bigger heads, and stronger activity in the brain’s thinking-focused centres.

However, mice injected with extra doses of maternal genes had little bodies, in comparison to those injected with father’s genes; who had small heads on big bodies. A self-fulfilling prophecy maybe?

So... What DO we get from our fathers?

Don’t feel sorry for yourselves yet fathers, scientists found that paternal genes were associated with some brain functions, such as: intimate relationships, eating, and aggression. But couldn’t find any in cerebral cortex, in which most of the advanced cognitive functions happen, like language, reasoning, thinking, and planning.

Some might argue that mice and human beings are two different creatures, you’re right. And that’s why scientists went all the way and took an approach on humans to explore our intelligence, and found that reality actually supported theories and information derived from mice studies, where they interviewed - on an annual basis - almost 12,600 people aging between 14 and 22. And concluded that a mother’s IQ was the best predictor of one’s intelligence, despite taking into consideration other external nurture factors.

How children get their IQs from their mothers