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What Is The Terrible Twos, And Is Your Child Experiencing Them?

Previous survivors say it was catastrophic... So how should you deal with the "terrible twos"?

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21 August 2017

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Parenting tips for the terrible twos

Is your little one turning 2 this year? Well, build your walls up high, because a rebellion is about to take place in your house. A mutiny, we say!

The “terrible twos” is a phase that your child goes through around the age of 2, in which they start realising their independence, and the power of the word “NO.”

This phase is often highlighted by temper tantrums, defiance, hostility, and other actions that express rebellion. So, how how can you survive those “terrible twos”? Here's some tips...

1- Dealing with temper tantrums

When your child is having anger outbursts, make sure you avoid trying to reinforce a certain behavior, because this will only escalate their emotions. So instead, ignore your child until they calm down so they can absorb what you’re saying. Then try speaking to them in a relaxed tone to provide reassurance and guidance.

2- Managing angry outbursts in public

There’s nothing worse than temper tantrums, especially if they occur in public; it’s embarrassing and chaotic, and giving in to your child’s demands is surely not the solution. So instead, try taking your toddler to a quiet place to calm them down and provide guidance as you would at home. Remember that giving in to their demands means nothing but a green light to repeat it again.

3- Prevention is better than cure

To prevent an action, you need to block its motives. In this case, the motives behind temper tantrums are usually hunger, boredom, fatigue, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Anticipate those motives, and satisfy them before they turn into a temper tantrum.

4- Discipline

Disciplining your toddler is very crucial, but giving them some feeling of control over their lives can help correct their behavior. To do so, try giving them options in simple matters, such as their outfit for the day, or the snack they would like to have this afternoon.

5- Shape up their independence

Even though the “terrible twos” could be pretty exhausting to parents, it is considered very important in shaping up a child’s personality. So make sure you act as supporting and encouraging as possible, and it will pay off for the both of you in the future.