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Emirates Airline Festival of Literature | Stephanie Robert interview
Expat mum and children's author Stephanie Robert talks Emirates LitFest, her latest book, and her key advice parents need to help their kids emerge as confident children.
Isabel Thomas interview - Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
"A good children’s science book is nothing like a textbook. It’s an opportunity to tell a complete story that helps children make connections between bite-sized facts and the bigger picture."
Child's Play: Jorge Rangel on Interior Inspiration For Children's Rooms in Dubai
Looking for kids' bedroom and playroom interior inspiration in Dubai? We chatted with Jorge Rangel on where mums can start.
British Author Maz Evans on Crafting a Superb Story For Children
"Being part of a literature festival is just exhilarating – so much creativity in one space."
From Dubai Teacher to Children's Author: Meet Lucy Strange
"I firmly believe that all good children’s novels should also be enjoyable for older readers, too."
Tamsin Winter Talks Selective Mutism in Children and Her Upcoming Novel
We spoke with children's writer Tamsin Winter about anxiety disorders in children, childhood bullying, mental health, and the importance of positive body representation for kids
Children's Author Aysha Majid Talks Diversity In Her New ABC Book
British Asian writer Aysha Majid takes us inside the cover of her first ABC book and its significance to mixed-heritage children in the UAE
Interview with Kathy Hoopmann for Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2019
"Then when a family member was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, I became fascinated with the Asperger mind..."